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The Camp half blood and twilight crossover

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The Red Moon.

It the last day of school and I couldn't wait, until the monster attacked me. I woke up because my mom was yelling,

"Percy! Wake up; you're going to be late for school."

After taking a shower, and getting dress, I went down stairs.

"Morning, Mom. Did Paul leave already?" I said as I grabbed a blue waffle.

"He had a meeting, so he left early. You can use my car." Mom answered. She smiled at me, the way she always did when she was proud of me. This year, all of my report cards had A's and B's and not one monster attacked me.

"Bye Mom." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. Hopefully, I wouldn't blow up the school, again. That wouldn't happen, but I would see Annabeth today.

At fifth period, I was at gym, being the first person to finish all of the excise actives in less than five minutes. Compared to Camp Half-Blood's training excises, this was child's play. Couch was so impressed that he let me do whatever I want. I changed out of my gym clothes into my regular clothes and sat outside on the baseball field. Then I saw something that could destroy the whole school. I saw a hellhound and it wasn't Mrs. O' Leary. I grabbed Riptide out of my pocket and attacked head on. In one attacked, the hellhound destroyed. I knew that if one was here, another was close by. Even though it was against school rules, I always had my new cell phone. I called Paul because I knew he didn't have classes now.

"Paul, we have a problem." I said.

"What did you do?" He asked

"I just killed a hellhound and I think another is coming. I have to leave school." I said.

"And you were doing so well. Ok, you can leave school early." Paul said.

"Thanks Paul." I said. I then hid in the forest next to the school, so I could get to my mom's car without out the teachers finding me. I was almost to the car when I bumped into something that wasn't a tree.

"Watch it, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth was right on top of me, because we fell down. I couldn't see her face until she toke off her Yankee baseball cap.

"Annabeth, I haven't seen you since…" I didn't finish my sentence because she kissed me.

"I've missed you, Percy." She said, "And I have a problem." She got up and so did I. Annabeth put her head on my shoulder and cling to me

"I missed you too. What's wrong?" I asked.

"I just got attacked by a hellhound and the school is after me." She said.

"Me too, but the school isn't after me for the first time. We can talk in the car on the way to Camp. Put your cap back on." I said.

"Why?" She asked.

"Paul said I could leave school early, but if another teacher sees me with you, even on the last day of school. I'll be in trouble." I answered. She nodded her head, put her cap back on, and disappeared. Annabeth grabbed my hand and we walked to the car. After getting into the car and leaving the school, Annabeth toke her cap off and put her seat belt on. I called my mom and told her everything that happened today. Mom told me and Annabeth to by careful. After that I hang up the phone.

"So, what happened?" I asked.

"I was at math class, and then my teacher asked me to talk to him. In the hallway, he turned into a huge, ugly hellhound. I ran to my locker because I left my knife there. The hellhound was fast, but he was so big, he got stuck to the lockers. That gave me some time to get my knife and attacked him. But the hellhound ripped up the lockers. After I killed him, the principle came. I put my cap on and I bolted out of the window. I don't know if he saw me, but I'm still worried Percy." She explained. After she was done, she tightened her grip on my hand.

"I think the Mist made it so he couldn't see you." I said. "I'm just glad you're ok."

"Thanks Percy. Here's our exit." Annabeth said. I turned the car and we were in Long Island.

We walked up the hill, until we heard a familiar voice.

"Welcome back guys." Grover came from behind Thalia's tree with Juniper. Annabeth and I ran up to them and said hi. After the greeting, I went to my cabin, Annabeth while went to her cabin. I opened the door and there was my half brother, Tyson.

"Percy." Tyson ran up to me and gave me a hug. It felt like I was hit by a car. Lucky, I had the curse of Achilles so it did hurt a lot. Anyway,

"Hi big guy," I said as he put me down, "How's Dad's palace now?"

"Better, Daddy says that ¾ of the palace is done." He said with glee. "And what about you, what did you do at school?"

I was about to tell him, but then I heard it. The counselor horn was blown. I told Tyson that I'll tell him later and left the cabin. At the Big House, Chiron was the only one there.

"Chiron, what's going on?" I asked just when Annabeth walked into the room.

"Well," Chiron started, "I wanted to know why you two are here early and what monster attacked you?"

We told him what happened. After we were done the Stoll brothers and Clarisse walked in. Connor looked like he was going to throw up and Travis hanging on to Clarisse, which was weird.

"Annabeth, can you grab a bucket for Connor?" Clarisse said after helping Travis sit down. When Annabeth gave Connor the bucket, he throws up in it.

"What happened?" I asked. Connor was still blowing chucks, so Travis answered.

"Connor and I were at school, when all of the cheerleaders turned into hellhounds and attacked us, If Clarisse wasn't there, and we would've become a dinner for 15 hellhounds. One hellhound had dipped its claws in something, because when it cut Connor, it gave him a huge stomach bug. And one bit me and my left leg lost all of it blood." Travis explained, and Connor just nodded as he was blowing chucks.

"How can you guys not notice 15 hellhounds?" Annabeth asked.

"They were hot cheerleaders before they became hellhounds." Travis said.

"Why didn't anyone heal you guys and why were you there?" I asked Clarisse.

"I was on my way to New York, when I saw a hellhound come out a window at their school. I was hoping to kill something, so I helped them. After beating the hellhounds and coming to Camp, we founded out that the best healers aren't here yet," Clarisse explained. "Along with most the campers and counselors."

"Can I have another bucket, please?" Connor asked. I got him another bucket and throw away the other one away.

"So that's why we're the one ones here." I said. Annabeth looked down and screamed.

"Spider… spi… spi." Annabeth got up and screamed her head off, as I stepped on the spider.

"Annabeth, it's dead." I said. She stopped screaming and sat back down.

"Wow, I knew that the children were afraid of spiders, but I think Annabeth just broke the screams ranking for pranks and fears." Then a knife appeared right behind Travis after he said that.

"Annabeth!" I said.

"Everyone knows that if they make fun of the children of Athena's fears, they get hurt. Travis, you're lucky that I was aiming for wall." Annabeth said.

"I will never make fun of your fears again, unless I want a knife to the neck." Travis promised. Just then Grover and Juniper walked in. Behind them was Nico. Grover and Juniper looked happy, while Nico started searching for something.

"Where is it? It should be here." Nico asked.

"Is it this?" Clarisse asked, holding Nico's sword.

"Thanks." Nico said. Just when Nico grabbed it, Clarisse toke it back.

"It's going to cost you, kid." Clarisse said.

"Clarisse!" We all yelled.

"Fine, here you go." She said after gives Nico's sword back.

Chiron started talking about what should happen this summer. After the meeting, Annabeth and I walked over to the arena. When we got there, Mrs. O'Leary tackled us both and gave us both licks. We laughed and got her off us.

"Want to do some sparing?" Annabeth asked.

"Sure, but don't turn invisible, okay?" I said.

"Fine," She answered, "Ready, stet, go."

We fought for a good 15 minutes, before us both said it was time for a break.

"I hate the fact that it's always the last day of school, when the monsters attack." I said.

"Same here, I don't know why we don't skip the last day of school." Annabeth said.

"We should start doing that." I agreed. I got up and held out my hand to help Annabeth. She grabbed it and I pulled her up. We left the arena and went to the pavilion. We ran into Chiron. Today was a Friday, so that means we play capture the flag. So I asked Chiron,

"Who the captains for capture the flag?"

"Annabeth and Clarisse." He said then left for his master archery class.

"You were going to be the captain?" I asked.

"I guess Malcolm was the captain, then I came, so yeah, I'm the captain." She shrugged as she said it.

"What team am I on?" I asked even though I all ready knew the answers. Annabeth smiled and said,

"My team, use your head, Seaweed Brain."

"I wished you stopped calling me that." I said.

"You know you love it." Annabeth said and she punched me. We had other activities, so we left.

After dinner, all of the campers were ready for capture the flag. Chiron said all of the teams. On my team are the Athena, Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes, Hecate, Artemis, Iris, and Hades. The rest was on the other team. Most of the minor god cabins were still empty because tomorrow is when everyone would come. After the flag part, we all got ready. The Apollo and the Artemis cabin would be hiding the trees with bows and arrows. The Athena, Hermes, Hades, and Tyson would be fight of the other team, while the Hecate cabin, would make invisible box over the flag. The Iris cabin was in charge of protecting the flag. Annabeth was going to use her invisible cap to seek into the enemy's side to get the flag. Then she would pass it to me and I would run with the flag. It's very easy to do.

The horn was blown and we got started. Annabeth and I hide in the trees. Annabeth was wearing regular armor, while I was wearing my bronze chameleon armor, which enchanted to blend into the background. It was a gift from Beckendorf. When we reached the river, the broader line, there guards were from the Ares cabin. We passed them, and made it to the flag.

"Wait here. I'll be right back." Annabeth said.

"Be careful, and if we do this right, it'll be a new record." I told her. I kissed her cheek before she disappeared. I wait for a good minute before I saw the flag of the Ares cabin running from the other campers. The funny thing was that, no one could see who was holding it. I jumped out of the bush, with Riptide in my hand and caught up with the runaway flag. Annabeth toke off her cap and handed me the flag.

"I should have now," Clarisse yelled. "Annabeth was holding the flag. We should have stabbed her."

"Run Percy." Annabeth yelled. I ran faster and I made it to the river. I froze the river and skated a crossed it. We won.

"Wow," Malcolm, Annabeth's second in command, said. "We won in less than 15 minutes, a new record." Annabeth skated across the lake too. Annabeth ran up to us and hugged me. I kissed the top of her forehead. Malcolm whistle and we glared at him.

After that we all went to bed. I thought about staying up later, but I was really tired. At about 11:00, someone knocked on my door, it was Chiron.

"What is it Chiron?" I said as I put a pair of jeans on and a t-shirt.

"We have a problem." He said as he pulled me outside. "Look at the Moon." I didn't know what he was talking about until I saw the Moon. The Moon was bright red, like blood. The full Moon is usually white, but it was red.

"Is it a lunar eclipse?" I asked hoping it to be true. I was wrong. He answered.

"No. I need you and Tyson to wake up everyone else while I talk to Mr. D." So I woke up Tyson and we started running. I woke up the Apollo and Ares cabin. Will Solace, the new counselor for Apollo, listen to me, while I had to drag Clarisse to show her the moon.

"Is this a joke?" Clarisse asked while all of her sibling cursed.

"I wished," I answered, "Chiron has no clue what's going on, so he's talking to Mr. D."

"What do we do?" Will asked.

"Can you guys wake up the others while I get Annabeth?" I asked.

"Sure." They both said. We all ran to the cabins. I banged on to the door of the Athena cabin. Annabeth finally opened the door.

"What is it Percy?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.

"Look at the Moon." I said as she came outside. She put her hands on her mouth.

"What happened to the Moon?" She asked as the rest of her cabin outside, saying the same thing.

"Chiron doesn't know, so he's talking to Mr. D." I said, then my phone ranged. It was Thalia's number, but Thalia wasn't on the phone. It was Clarisse.

"Percy, all of the Hunters of Artemis' are sweating and in pain." Clarisse said.

"Wait, I'm putting you on speaker." I put her on speaker and said, "Ok, say that again."

"Ok," Clarisse explained. "I knocked on the door and no one answered. Then I heard screaming inside, so we broke down the door. All of the girls, sweating, screaming and in pain. I found Thalia's phone to call you while the rest of my siblings try to wake them up. Nothing is waking them up." Clarisse explained.

"Clarisse, its Annabeth." Annabeth said, "Bring all the girls to the Big House and get the Apollo cabin to heal them."

"You heard her, move!" Clarisse yelled so load, we could hear it through the phone.

"Malcolm, wake everyone else up and the rest of you get your medical dictionary." I told the rest of the Athena cabin. And then I told Annabeth,

"Annabeth, get your laptop and meet me at the Big House."

"Ok." The whole cabin said. I ran as fast as I can to the Artemis' cabin. When I got there, half of the girls were gone. I found Clarisse holding Thalia.

"Here, I'll take her." I said as Clarisse handed me her. Thalia was cover in sweat and in pain.

"They're all like this." Clarisse said.

"It's probably the Red Moon. Let's get them out of here." I said. Clarisse grabbed another girl and we carried them to the Big House. The Big House had all of the girls that weren't in the cabin here. I put Thalia on one of the beds. Then all the Hunters screamed at the same time. Then Annabeth and her cabin walked in.

"Are all of them like this?" Annabeth asked.

"Yes and they all scream at the same time. We have to do something." I said. Then Mr. D. walked into the room.

"Peter…" Mr. D. said.

"Percy." I said.

"Whatever. You are coming to Olympus and take a Pegasus."

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't know. Just do it." He said. So I went outside and whistled for my Pegasus, Blackjack. In 20 seconds he came.

"Yo Boss. What's up with the Moon?" He asked.

"I don't know, but we're flying to Olympus." I said. I was about to get on him, but someone grabbed my arm. Annabeth. She pushed something into my hand.

"Here, it's the key I use to get into Olympus. Please, be careful." Annabeth said.

"I always am." I said.

"Don't start, just find out what going on and be careful." She replied. I kissed her, got on Blackjack, and left. I checked my phone. It was 11:20 pm.

By the time I reached Olympus, I found Athena. So, I asked her.

"Lady Athena, what's going on, why is the Moon red?"

"Follow me." She said. I followed her into a room that looked like a hospital and in the bed was Artemis. She looked like my mom when she gave birth to my new baby sister, Ella. Then it hit me.

"Is she…" I asked but Athena interrupted me.

"Yes, she's in labor." Labor, how can Artemis be in labor? She's a virgin.

"Percy. Come here, please." Artemis said. All the Olympians were around the bed, even Hades and Hestia.

"Lady Artemis, what's going on?" I asked.

"I wanted a baby, so I went to Vegas, got married, had a real honeymoon, divorce him and got pregnant. And today on the Full Moon, she'll be born." Artemis explained and then she pushed.

"Congrats, but why are all of the hunters in pain?" I asked.

"Sometimes when I'm in a lot of pain, all of my hunters will feel it. They won't give birth, but they will feel my pain."

"Okay, but why is the Moon red?"

"The Moon is a part of me, so the red is just showing pain. I need you to do something for me, Percy." She said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"When she's born, bring her to camp." Artemis said, and she screamed.

"Of course, but I have to tell the others at camp." I said.

"Thank you." Artemis said. I left the room with my father.

"Dad, is this real?" I asked.

"Yes," My dad, Poseidon, said. "She got jealous of all of us; even Hestia has a demi-god. So she did everything she just told you."

"Well, no one at camp will believe this until I bring the baby to camp."

"You have to talk to the others so I'll leave you." My dad said and then left. I toke out my phone. It was 11:50. I called Annabeth.

"Annabeth, are all of the counselors with you?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm putting on speaker. Did you find out what happened?" Annabeth asked.

"Ok. Artemis is pregnant."

"What?" Everyone said. It was so load, I gone deaf for a few seconds.

"It's true." I said, and then Athena walked into the room.

"Let me talk to them. They'll listen to me." Athena said. I handed her the phone. Athena told them everything that's happening.

"Then why is Percy there?" Annabeth asked. Athena looked like just ate a whole lemon.

"Artemis wants him to bring the baby to camp. And someone has to tell you guys what's going on." She said.

"So we just wait?" Clarisse asked.

"Yes. I must go. Here's your phone." Athena hand me my phone. Then she went back to Artemis.

"I'll see you guys later. Bye." I said. I hang up the phone and check the time. It's 11:55. Then I heard Artemis say.

"She's coming. Get her out. Please."

"I'll do a c-section." Apollo said.

"No, I'm doing it the old fashion way." She yelled at her brother.

After all of the screaming, pushing, and talking, the baby was finally born. The baby was a girl with brown hair. Her eyes are gray. Her skin is pale. She looks a lot of like her mom.

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Luna, Luna Grace. Her last name is Richmond." Artemis said, holding her baby in her arms. "Take a picture, Percy." So I grabbed my phone, toke a picture, and sent it to Annabeth.
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