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MCF2000 posted on Oct 17, 2011 at 12:55PM
Imagine if YOU were a demigod, whos child would you want to be? Whos would you probably be (based on personality)? Whoswould you probably be based on looks? Whos would you definatly NOT be? When you're brought to camp half-blood would you scream and freak out like "Omigosh you're a freaking centaur!" or would you scream and freak out like "WHOO-HOO!!!!! Im finnaly here!!! I've been waiting for this MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!! Hi Percy!" Percy: Who are you?? What would you say to that? Would you say: YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND!!! YEA!!!!! or Your worst nightmare! Now get out of my face. Who would you be friends with? Who would you be enimes with? What classes would you be good in? Bad in? What would be the biggest prank you would pull while your there (paint Ares cabin pink and becorate with flowers and shiny sparkly stuff would be mine! :P) ?

On this rp-lke-thingamajig we will answer all the important questions!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr lcrs50 said…
I would be a child of Hades. based on personality, i would be Posidons. on looks, the child of wichever god or godess controls looking like a regular high school kid with zits, boring hair, and the uncanny ability to read two or more books a day. i would NEVER be a child of Aphrodiety.

if i was brought to camp half blood, i would be like, "Holey, crap, a centaur! that's so cool! i alwayse knew that my parents wern't really my parents. i wonder if i could raise the dead or something..."

then when Percy showed up, i would be like "Hey, seaweed brain! where've you been?" and percy would be like, "Who the heck are you?" and i'ed be like, "i'm Nessa, hopeful daughter of Hades or Posidon."

my friends would be Nico, Thalia, Percy, Clarisa, Conner and Traves, and lots of others that i can't rember.
my enemys would be the Aphrodiety cabbin.

i would take Greek, archery, swordsmanship, working in the forges, canueing *guessing i didn't spell that right*, and working with the nimphs and stuff during my breaks.

the biggest prank i would pull would paint the ares cabbin pink, then put sparkles, stickers, flowers, and all sorts of girly-girl stuff on it, then hide their weapons and replace them with mackup and stuff. then, i would run for my life and hide in the underworls untill they're not angry anymore. if they ever stop being mad at me for the sand and crabs in their cloths, beds, and closets. *snickers at that one* it was awsom!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Gracyia_23 said…
big smile
I want to be a child of hades. Based on personaltlity it would be, Hermes. Looks, Athena. Never wanted to be an Ares child. When I was brought to Camp half blood I was all like, "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk! There is a climbing wall with lava!
To Percy: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Nobody
I want to be friends with Noco and thalia...
I would be enimies with... no one
My biggest prank would be... Filling the Athena cabin with spiders!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr goddessgirl said…
big smile
I would be a child of Poesidon. Personality, Athena. Looks, Apollo. Would never be a child of Ares. When I go to camp Half-blood I would be like, "This place is awesome!" To Percy: Your new sister
I want to be friends with Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Nico I would be enemies with Clarrise
My biggest prank would be switching the clothes of the ares and Aphrodite cabins, and painting the aphrodite cabin black and the Ares cabin pink
Vor mehr als einem Jahr TheGirlonFire12 said…
I would be a very tiny daughter of Ares
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Jason_Grace319 said…
i would be a son of jason grace(so i control lightning)...
daughter of Hazel Levesque(so i control the dead)...
and descendant of all other gods...
i am son of Poseidon, although my name is jason grace...
i love water. i have black messy hair, green eyes and LOVE water
personality wise, i would be apollo- always cracking jokes!
i would go to camp and say "WTH pegesus! i knew those books about demigods were real!"
and i would meet percy and say "wutz up bro?"
i would probably, switch everything in the Aphrodite and Athena cabins around
Vor mehr als einem Jahr pecyjacksonXD said…
It would be so cool to be a daughter of Hephaestus or Poseidon:)
As far as personality i would be a daughter of Hermes
I defiantly not be a daughter of Aphrodite or want to be one
When i would get to camp half-blood I would hyperventilate then faint the first time I meet Percy Jackson once i was conscious again I would go to the stables because a real Pegasus would be frickin awesome:)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ELIZABUG7 said…
I'd be a daughter of Eris.

On personality Dionysus.

On looks, well, I'm no daughter of Aphrodite.

If I went to camp, I'd probobly be like:"Oh my gosh! This is gonna be EPIC!"

When I saw Percy, I'd probobly walk up to him, hug him*while planting a "Go take what you want from my cabin, I'm gone!" sign on his back*, then leave him with a smirk.

My friends would be the Stolls, and anyone else who won't mind my pranks and well, me. I can't read minds, people! Sadly....

I would be good in greek, pegasus riding, swordsmanship, climbing wall, swim, capture the flag, and monster assult technics.

I would be bad in archery, and canoeing.

My enemis would be the Aphrodite cabin, Ares cabin, Hypnos cabin,(if they woke up long enough to look in a mirror) and anyone else who holds grudges for a long time.

Biggest prank? So many choises, so many.... Hmmmm.... I'd have to say The Athens Go Dumb. I'd replace all the Athena cabin's braniac stuff with baby books and make their beds and furnature to where if any pressure is applied to them or taken off, they'd start playing "Akbar" by Julian Smith so loud, that even the people in the Underworld would get their eardrums burst.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Phrabow said…
id be your mom


Vor mehr als einem Jahr MCF2000 said…
hey everybody thanks for answering! Halairious pranks!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Rain12345 said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr MCF2000 said…
ahhhhhhh!!!!! what?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PiperMclean7732 said…
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr AshleyJackson23 said…
I'd be a daughter of Poseidon.
Personality, still Poseidon. I'm loyal, stubborn and REALLY love the beach.
Looks, STILL Poseidon. I have black hair and sea-green eyes.
I would definitely not be a daughter of Aphrodite.
My first reaction in camp would be "WAIT, WHAT DID YOU SAY?? I'm a demigod!?"
To Percy, I would say "Your new little sister!"
I would be friends with Annabeth, Percy, Leo, Thalia, Piper, Hazel and the rest of the seven.
My enemy would be Clarisse and pretty much the rest of the Ares cabin.
I would be good at sword-fighting and capture the flag but terrible at archery.
My prank would be switching the clothes of the Aphrodite and Ares cabin and painting the Aphrodite cabin black and Ares glittery, bright pink!!!