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posted by mmdr10

    Ever Since I arrived from my quest I have remember pieces of my past. The faces of my friends, battles with monsters and most of all the deaths of a lot of people I once knew. Of course nobody knew these details, especially Piper. It’s very confusing liking a girl when Du know that in your past life Du may have a girlfriend, who Du love. Anyway everybody is pretty damn busy around here, helping the Hephaestus kabine make the Argo II, but nobody is as busy as Annabeth and Leo. They ate, slept and practically live in the construction site.
    -Jason- called Thalia driving me away from my thoughts
    -Mmmm- I answer
    -We have a meting, five minutes- And with those final words my annoying sister left the cabin. Ever since she and the hunters came to camp, the Argo II construction have improve and since she is the leader of the hunters she is the also the Artemis kabine counselors.
I put an orange camp T-shirt on and head out of my kabine to the Big House. As soon as I enter the Big House rec room I knew something big was going on. This was because Leo and Annabeth were there and in the lasts council they had send replacements.
    -Good Du are here-Said Chiron. I sat in my sit Weiter to two empty chairs, the Hades and Poseidon’s counselor’s ones. –So now that Jason is finally here we can heard the progress in the Argo II. - With that final words of Chiron Leos stand up.
    -Well as Du guys know that since the hunters Mitmachen our cause the Argo II have improve a lot, I call this meeting two inform Du all that in four days we may leave to the roman camp.
    Everybody in the council smiled and congratulated Leo. I was going to see Bobby, Gwen, Hazel and Reyna. I was finally heading home.