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Words of Hope
One night on graveyard of the angels, I was walking,
that night I saw an angel, saw her crying,
her wings broken, torn, hurt, she was dying...

Angel, such an beauty, fallen from the heavens garden,
I watched her soul escape in the little tears,
to see her there, so deadly wounded, it was burden,
she was lost, fallen, dying, filled with fears...

She was lying on the cold white marble plate,
to help her I tried, but I was too late,
in the pool of blood, to die, was her fate...

Angel stared me, I heard her silent cries,
pale little form on pool of so red blood,
angel, so fragile thing with beautiful...
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posted by lovedeath26
I’m standing up.
My eyes at shut.
Darkness is around me.
I can feel that their is some one in front of me.
I can feel their breath on me.
I’m afraid to open my eyes.
I can feel their eyes looking in to my soul
I’m afraid of what they will see.
My darkness, my hope, my dreams, my fear, every thing that makes me me.
I open my eyes and I’m looking in the mirror.
I’m afraid of myself.
Is life worth living if Du are your own enemy.
I fight with my self every Tag and I all ways lose.
I come Home bleeding and thinking of death.
I cant wait to death comes and gets me Ill greet it with open arms.
In to then ill just have to hope