The 90s 90S Musik ROCKS!!!!!!

katielair posted on Nov 12, 2007 at 10:19AM
Oh my god I LOVE 90s music! ‘Let me be your fantasy’ and ‘insomnia’ bring back so many memories from school discos!

Have any of you bought the new ’90 club hits from the 90s’ album? Definitely a worth while purchase if you want to relive the 90s in style!

You should go to the myspace page to check all 90 tracks and for your chance to win a copy of the CD and an iPod!

Whats your favourite track???

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kry_s_tal said…
me too!!!!

Like if you put anything on from the 90's you can relate and jam to... it's the best =]
Vor mehr als einem Jahr javagurl said…
I just got "Buzz Ballads" which is supposed to be the BEST rock/hard rock/grunge type tunes from the 90's. Haven't listened to it yet but from what I read the tunes look good.
I was a Jr. when Nirvana & Grunge hit the scene hard core. I was lucky to of been old enough to of been able to enjoy the concerts & all that stuff.
I met the Meat Puppets & Butthole Surfers, saw The Lemonheads, Bikini Kill, Poi Dog Pondering, Greenday,Jane's A, Etc. Plus I hit the Woodstock 94 thing for a day.
I still put on the 90's Rock stations (There's a great one on Yahoo radio).
I am reading another biography about Nirvana & RHCP's now.
I am a loser now & the only "cool" thing I have seen in the past few years was Alan Jackson! I was BORED & actually fell asleep!
Wait a sec, I saw Rob Thomas. That WAS cool..
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr belleverano said…
i love No Doubt absolutely, and mariah...
Nicole De Waal (now a.k.a. Gwen Stefani) looked 30x better rockin than now, and mariah, her songs used to be the greatest ones... now she's just like a "fat" old b****
Vor mehr als einem Jahr eightysguy said…
I agree 90's music does rock don't much care for some of the new rock bands today
Vor mehr als einem Jahr gtargrlxo said…
gotta love nirvana tool and pearl jam.... i remember one of my favorite songs was marcy playground's "sex and candy" ... found a cool site that has some photo galleries of sweet tour posters from the 90s...its also got music videos and other galleries that really bring u back to the good ol' days! check it out: link

Vor mehr als einem Jahr l3371 said…
Too much! If you have Sirius radio,than I suggest you go to Lithium...It rules!