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*Duncan and Gwen continue making out then stop*
Duncan:(Smiles) Du know what?
Gwen:(Giggles) What?
Duncan:(Whispers in Gwens ear) Du are amazing
Gwen:(Laughs) Shut up!
Duncan:(Laughs) I mean it babe Du are
Gwen: I know Du are to'
Duncan: Not as much as Du thoe
Gwen: Awwwww (Kisses Duncan)
Duncan:(Kisses Gwen)
Gwen:(Smiles and stops kissing)
Duncan:So what now?
Gwens Mom: Gwen! Time for dinner
Gwen: Comming mom! you'd better go
Duncan: Why should I?
Gwen: Because....I Just...I dont know
Duncan: Ok so can I stay?
Gwen: I dont know if my mom will let Du sleep over considering...
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