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posted by Aalaiyah13Renee
Taylor Daniel Lautner
Born:February 11, 1992
Birth Place:Grand Rapids,Michigan,USA.
Hieght:5'10 1/2" (1.79 m)
Below Is Most Of The Things Taylor Starred in.In( )Is The Jahr he starred in.

Starred In:
"My Wife And Kids" (2001)
"Summerland" (2004)
"The Bernie Mac Show" (2001)
"The Nick And Jessica Variety Hour" (2004)
"What's New Scooby-Doo?" (2002)
"The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl 3-D" (2005)
"Cheaper Von The Dozen 2" (2005)
"Twilight" (2008)
"Twilight Saga:New Moon" (2009)

New Releases Featuring Taylor:

"Twilight Saga:Eclipse" (June 2
"Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn" (Novemeber 21,2010)

Below is...
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posted by Aalaiyah13Renee
Most ppl dnt understand de brawl of Jocab vs. Edward.Well im nt bout 2 turn dis Artikel n2 the ''Twilight Saga''club.bt i will say dat 4 Team Edward members ur gettn on my nervos wit Jocab bn eye Süßigkeiten n ppl only like em cuz of his looks,well Edward isnt ugly,bt most of u haters need 2 stay bn Bloodsuckers as Jocab refer em 2.Another thing PPL DNT GET DAT DA Werwölfe PROTECT DA HUMANS!!!!!!!!werewolves hav done nuthin wrong,the thing iz Edward left n New Moon n his goin 2 leave n Ecplise.N who is Bella runnin bac 2 again???!!!JOCAB WAS A NICE FRIEND HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG ONCE AGAIN.So going out 2 Team Edward members ur STUPID THE Vampire R DA BAD PPL N DA SITITUTION.Bt cullens are good bt they r VAMPIRES.Goin out 2 team Vampire mind yours n stay BLOODSUCKERS!!!:( Team Jocab n Team Werewolves=:-D
posted by nessienjake
Don't get me wrong I seriously Liebe Jacob but when I saw this on my E-Mail I recieved I had to Zeigen it to Du guys ^.^enjoy cranking up

1.throw a stick and yell to him too fetch it.

2.when he dousnt get it say "what kind of a dog are Du ?"

3. buy him a kitten for his birthday and name it edward.

4. tell him that he needs a haircut then take him to the pet groomers

5.buy him a "bite me" tee-shirt

6.buy him a shock coller and press the button evry time he swears . . .

7.give him a muzzle.

8.go cliff diving without im.

9 wait for him too come save...
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posted by vanillamoon08
hahaaha I found this on deviantart.com and thought that it was pretty funny. XD Tell me what Du think.

10 Ways to Annoy Jacob Black

10. Never use English around him – instead, bark.

9. Call him a Weltraum heater.

8. Tell him that Hunde make good pets, not good partners.

7. Ask him if he has RSVPed to the wedding yet.

6. Inform him that real men sparkle.

5. Walk up to him and claim Du have imprinted. Say Du Liebe him and demand his paw in marriage.

4. Tell him that even though he may run at a boiling 108.9 degrees, Bella doesn’t find him hot.

3. Inquire as to how Leah is… and if he dreams about Sam the way Leah dreams about Bella.

2. Ask him if he likes to do things… doggy style.

And the Number One way to annoy Jacob Black?

1. Make him a day-by-day flip calendar, counting down the amount of time Bella will remain human.