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posted by Hilary_Bells
Mehr hints about Dark Knight director's secret sci-fi film

We don't want to spoil Inception, the upcoming top-secret sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed Von The Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan. Until recently we'd had only Nolan's vague Beschreibung and an opaque teaser trailer, but we've learned a few things from Talulah Riley, who is credited only as "Blonde" in the cast list.

Speaking to us in London today, where she is promoting Pirate Radio, Riley sagte her scenes involve the altered physics hinted at in the teaser trailer. The teaser shows two men fighting in a hallway...
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Talulah Riley proudly showed me the head girl's badge pinned to a vintage cardie. It had a large capital 'T' on it for St Trinian's.

Talulah's character has been promoted to head girl, a post last held Von Gemma Arterton, who has a brief cameo in the new film now shooting in London, the Home Counties and at a very posh boys' school the girls have to invade.

Yes, the terrors of St Trinian's are back, this time in The Legend Of Fritton's Gold. But, as joint directors Barnaby Thompson and Oliver Parker noted, it's not the St Trinian's for suspect blokes in dirty raincoats.

The first St Trinian's of...
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Talulah Riley

Age: 23
Key CV: 'Pride & Prejudice', 'St. Trinians', 'The boot That Rocked'
Why We Like Her: As the girl who comes aboard the pirate-radio boot in Richard Curtis's comedy and causes havoc, Riley was a delight – she has an effervescent streak to her that should see her go far. She also happens to be engaged to Elon Musk, the multi-millionaire co-founder of PayPal. As one interviewer remarked recently, "So Talulah, where did it all go wrong?"
Weiter up: 'St. Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold'

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posted by Hilary_Bells

* Name: Talulah Riley-Milburn (Musk)
* Birthdate: September 26, 1985 (24 years)
* Resides: London, England UK
* Hair Color: Dark Brown (currently bleached Blonde)
* Eye Color: Green
* Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)


* Food: Grilled Prawns, Filet Mignon, hummer bisque, M&S sausage rolls, sticky toffee pudding
* Drink: Virgin erdbeere Dacquiries
* TV Show: The Frank Skinner Show
* Film Genre: Romantic Comedy
* Sport: Sailing and Ocean sports
* School Subject: English Literature, Philosophy, Physics


* Is a Prince’s Trust Embassador and helps fundraise and publicize for charity
* Her...
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