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5. Nightwish

I really enjoy Nightwish because the band has always had this very dreamy feel to it. It very much appeals to my Tag dreamer's soul. Any band that can spark my imagination earns a spot in my oben, nach oben five. With that in mind they are also very lyrically unique in my opinion. Most every word is so enchanting, hence my Liebe for the Imaginarium album.

Each and every one of the vocalists of Nightwish has held a place in my heard for different reasons. Tarja has such a powerful and memorable voice. Her operatic vocals gave me an appreciation for opera in general. I think Tarja has a...
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First they announced their own festival and now they won a prize. Everything in the same week.

Epica wrote on their official Facebook page:

"This fall we will host our first ever festival, Epic Metal Fest.
It will take place on the 22nd November at "Klokgebouw" in the Netherlands. It will see EPICA headline and joined Von some killer befriended bands: Eluveitie, Fear Factory Moonspellofficialband, Delain, Periphery and Mehr bands to be announced.
Tickets and early bird bundles are available from; link
Mehr bands to be announced soon."

Well done Epica. Well done.

Also the band wrote on their official Instagram page:

"#Honoured! Today we received the #Buma Rocks export award for the Dutch band with the most success abroad. #epica #epicalive "

Most people know that I Liebe Within Temptation but I don't think I've really stated why, so I decided to type an Artikel on it.

First and foremost, Sharon. I Liebe Sharon so much. She just seems like such a lovely person and she's so adorable. And her stage presence is amazing and very energetic. She seems just as excited to be on the stage as we are to be in the crowd. I also really admire the fact that she sagte she'd never go nude to break into the American market. Sharon is just the best.

In relation to energetic performances; they are awesome live. I haven't gotten a chance to see them live...
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tarja turunen
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This was actually super hard to put together for me because there are just so many good songs. There are so many smaller Symphonic Metal bands that I also love, but some of them didn't make it on the Liste because, well I just Liebe so many songs. That said, I tried not to dominate this Liste with Within Temptation songs.

1. Within Temptation - Our Farewell
2. Within Temptation - Jillian
3. Within Temptation - Mother Earth
4. Within Temptation - Jane Doe
5. Within Temptation - Ice Queen
6. Within Temptation - Stairway To The Sky
7. Within Temptation - What Have Du Done
8. Within Temptation - Middle Of...
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Agua the Annique @ the Oosterpoort in Groningen on 13-2-2009.
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