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posted by claire-aka-bob
Sweeney Todd is a villain appearing in various English language works starting in the mid-19th century as a barber and an early example of a serial killer. His weapon is a straight razor (or cut-throat razor in British English), with which he slits his victims' throats. In some versions of the story Mrs. Lovett, who is his partner in crime and variously his friend oder lover (and whose first name is variously Marjorie, Sarah, Nellie, Shirley oder Claudette) hides the crimes Von butchering the corpses of Todd's victims, baking their flesh into meat pies, and selling them to unknowing customers. He...
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posted by BellatrixCissy
My friend Rachel and i were talking in Gymnastics class and we got on the subject of Helena Bonham Carter. Rachel asked if i heard of a movie called Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I told her no. So i go Home and tell my mom and dad on Friday after girl scouts my dad says look at what i found and i look and scream SWEENEY TODD Du FOUND IT! he told me he rented it for the weekend so i got Home and watched it. My first thought was Rachel never sagte it was Rated R! i continue and then i see anthony and think is that Helena but i soon saw mrs.lovett and knew it was Helena who was mrs.lovett. A few weeks later my sister mom and i watch it since we bought it my mom couldn't watch him kill people and sister kept saying that had hurt when they went down the shoot. now i can't stop watching it! Helena and Johnny made it amzing.
posted by claire-aka-bob

I have sailed the world
beheld its wonders
from the Dardanelles,
to the mountains of Peru,
But there's no place like London!
I feel Home again...
I could hear the city bells ring...
Whatever would I do?
No there's...

Sweeney Todd

No place like London...

Antony (spoken)

Mr. Todd, sir

Sweeney Todd

You are young...
Life has been kind to you...
You will learn.
(Spoken) 'Tis here we go our seperate ways.
Farewell Antony.
I will not soon forget the good ship bountiful, nor the young man who saved my life.


(Spoken) There's no cause to thank me for that, sir.
It would have been a poor Christian indeed who would...
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credits to bpierce. found this on imdb:

(incase Du did'nt know, this is a sweeney-fiyed rocky horror picture Zeigen version XD)

[Sung Von a large pair of blood-red lips]

Oh, Ben Barker was fine, his life seemed just divine
With his Lucy hand in hand
But Judge Turpin was there, he liked to sneak and stare
Like some pervert Invisible Man
Then something went wrong
And Du know, before long,
Poor old Ben found himself in a jam:
But he came back to that place,
Pale makeup on his face,
And this is how the story ran:

Violence Fiction,
Tragic story
Sweeney’s vengeance
Will be quite...
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