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Deleted Scene

“Dean, what do Du think this is?” Sam said, as he pulled a video out of their dad’s car.

The car they had used two days to find, because they had to get the weapons, in the trunk, out, and get the car to Bobby, before somebody else found it. And because their dad had died, they couldn’t ask him where he had parked it, they just had to look in the area they knew he had been in.

“It just says; John, Mary, Dean and little Sammy, do Du think it’s a video of us?” Sam continued.

“Don’t know, I can’t remember we should have had a video camera, but again I don’t remember...
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The jury had made a decision and woman walked to the judge and gave him a piece of paper.
“To the Frage if Castiel abused Alexia Moore the jury finds him not guilty” the judge said.
“Yes!” Dean triumphed. He jumped up and walked quickly towards Cas.
Zoey took Alexia Von the hand and walked down the aisle.
“Zoey, wait!” Daphne shouted desperate.
Zoey turned around.”Do Du have any idea what Du put me through? What Du put Alex through? After everything I’ve done for you. Gerard killed himself, because of you! How many lives do Du have to destroy, before Du realize you’re the one who needs to be put away in a cell?”
Daphne grabbed Zoey’s arm. “Please, listen to me. I never meant to hurt Du oder Alex. I thought I was helping. Tell me how I can make it up”
Zoey jerked her arm. “Stay away from me and Alex. And if Du even care a little about Cas, Du stay away from him, too”
She turned around and walked away.
Evening fell and the gang was having dinner. They had agreed to stay in the motel. While Jo and Dean had had their private conversation, Sam and Cas had been looking for takeaway Chinese. It wasn’t what Dean would’ve chosen.
“This tastes weird” he complained.
“That’s because you’re only used to cheeseburgers” Cas sagte dead serious. “You need to eat Mehr different kinds of Essen oder you’ll burnout”
They all stared at him.
“I read that in a magazine” Cas said, while his cheeks turned red.
“Well, thanks, doc” Dean sagte sarcastic. “I’ll try keep it in mind”
He swallowed...
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The waitress walked through the back door. She was taking a break. She felt two eyes on her and looked aside.
Cas was staring at her.
“Hi” she said. She walked to him. “You were Schauspielen strange earlier”
“I’m sorry” Cas mumbled. “You remind me of someone”
“Your girlfriend?” the waitress guessed.
Cas shook his head. “She wasn’t my girlfriend. She was my…”
“Sex buddy” the waitress helped. “I’m Lucy”
“I’m Cas” Cas said.
“Cas?” Lucy sagte intrigued. “That’s an uncommon name” She came closer to him and took his collar. She dragged him into one of the toilets and locked the door. She threw her arms around his neck and jumped in his arms. She kissed him and Cas forced her against the wall.
“Aaaahhh!” she exclaimed. She pushed Cas away and looked at him terrified.
“I’m sorry” Cas mumbled concerned.
“It’s okay” Lucy said, but Cas unlocked the door and ran away.
Evening came and Dean parked his car at the Nite Owl Restaurant.
“Why are we stopping?” Cas asked. He wanted Dean to keep on driving.
“Because I’m starving” Dean sagte short. He unfastened his gürtel and got out of the car. Sam and Jo did the same, but Cas didn’t move.
“Are Du coming?” Sam asked.
“No, I don’t have to eat” Cas said. “I think I’m going to stay here and wait for you”
“Don’t be so ridiculous” Jo sagte and she opened the door. Cas understood he had no choice and stepped out of the car.
They entered the restaurant and the manager walked to them. While...
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Meg staggered to the Wand and stuck out her hand to find support. She let herself fall against the Wand and sank down.
“He’s just lying there. He’s not responding to anything I say” she mumbled breathless. “When I find out who did this to him- and I will find out- I’m going to torture that bastard to death” She looked aside at Heather. “I want to help inspector Roberts”
“Okay, I think I know how to find her” Heather replied.
“And…someone has to call the Winchesters” Meg continued. “They’re his…family…If he…” Meg couldn’t get herself to finish. “They...
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Meg had returned to her spot on the floor opposite the ICU room Cas was in. She heard footsteps coming their way and she averted her head to right. A young girl with wavy, blonde hair, green eyes and thin lips walked towards them. She didn’t say a word, but turned to the guard.
“You should go and eat something” she sagte sharp and the guardian left.
Meg widened her eyes. “Hey, what are Du up to?” she asked when the girl put the latch down and opened the door. She reached out her hand to Meg. “Get up. I want Du to witness this miracle” Meg accepted her hand and let the girl pull...
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Heather walked inside the police station. She was going to talk to inspector Roberts. Maybe she could help her find that Kevin guy.
“Can I help you?” a woman asked. Heather turned around and frowned confused. She had spent a lot of days at the station, but this woman she had never seen before.
“I’m looking for inspector Roberts” Heather said.
“Inspector Roberts?” the woman repeated with raised eyebrows. “Who’s asking?”
“I’m her cousin” Heather confessed.
“I see” the woman nodded in understanding. “Why don’t Du follow me?” She led Heather to her office.
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“Miss Masters?”
Meg looked up and saw Doctor Spencer came her way. She scribbled up.
“Can I talk with Du for a moment?” he asked and he sounded deadly serious. Meg followed him to an empty room and he waved at a chair. Meg sat down and so did Doctor Spencer.
“We checked Mr. Novak’s blood. The sample I took last week. We couldn’t find anything” Doctor Spencer began. Meg knew there was Mehr to come, oder else he wouldn’t have taken her apart. “However, the lab has examined his blood again after he was brought in last week. And this time they found a small amount of heroin in...
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One week later.
Heather was sitting Von Meg’s bed. A week had gone Von and Meg hadn’t opened her eyes once. The doctor had told her she was not in a coma, but just fast asleep. She would live. It was just a matter of time before she woke up.
Cas was less lucky. Someone had tried to kill him again, but fortunately there was a camera in the room and so the doctors could interfere just in time. Heather couldn’t help but wonder if keeping Cas alive wasn’t just extension of execution.
She felt something soft and cold on her arm and she looked down to see Meg’s finger moving.
“Meg?” she said.
Meg’s eyelids moved and slowly, but surely she opened them.
“Welcome back” Heather sighed relieved.
Meg tried to sit up, but Heather gently pushed her down again.
“Careful” she said. “I’ll go get a doctor” She hurried to the door and walked outside to call a doctor.
Night fell and Meg was playing with her phone. She had gotten so used to the sound of wings, she didn’t bother to look up when Balthazar and Anna appeared.
“We just heard Castiel’s trial’s tomorrow, which is very unusual” Balthazar said. “Whatever Crowley’s up to, it’ll happen tomorrow”
Meg shrugged. Why did everyone expect her to care?
“That means you’ll have to be prepared” Anna sagte sharp.
Meg stopped playing games with her phone.
“We’re getting Du out tonight” Anna said.
Meg looked up, happy as a child. “Finally” she said.
Balthazar conjured his sword, but then a bright light shone from somewhere ahead of them.
“Oh no” Meg said. “Oh no no no no no no!”
That didn’t exactly help, because an instant later both Balthazar and Anna were gone.
Meg sunk to the bottom of her cell.
“Great” she sagte grumpy. “Juuuust great”
Jensen Ackles
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Jimmy closed the door of the hospital behind him. He was lucky it was dark. His hospital schürze would’ve been very noticeable in broad daylight. Nevertheless he needed clothes. He couldn’t travel in hospital clothes. People might think he’s some nutcase who escaped. He started window shopping, staying in the shadows.
After a while he came across a clothing shop. He looked around to make sure no one was looking his direction. Then he grabbed a flowerpot from the window-ledge and threw it through the window. The glass shattered and Jimmy jumped inside, while the alarm was howling. He quickly...
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Cas eyes flashed open as he lay on the bathroom floor. With some effort he managed to sit up. He looked aside to the ground and noticed the many empty strips. He picked up a few and examined them.
“What?” he mumbled weak and confused. It had never been his intention to schlucken every pill in the medicine cabinet and he knew that it was a miracle he was still alive. He let the strips fall out of his hand and he crawled slowly and difficult to the toilet.
As he tried to reach the toilet he was thrown back against the wall. A part of him tried to keep the drugs in his body. But another part...
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“What was it?” Meg asked sharp, forcing Cas to look at her Von grabbing his shoulders. “What did Heather give you? If it’s something dangerous…You know medicine can kill you, don’t you? If Du take too much of it”
Cas freed himself and turned around. “Yes, I know that. I am not stupid” he snapped, while he rubbed his fingers. “I don’t know what Heather gave me. All I know is that the pain is gone and isn’t that exactly what we wanted?”
“Well, if Du don’t know then I guess I’ll have to ask someone who does” Meg replied cold. She turned around and wanted to leave...
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It's written on the concept "What if Sam and Dean had had Max's childhood?" Story: link
“Your résumé is extremely…blank” the man in the temp job office noticed as he looked at the paper Meg had gegeben him. She had written it this morning. “You’ve worked as a nurse in a mental clinic for some weeks. Do Du have a degree as a nurse?”
“Yeah” Meg nodded. “I should’ve brought it with me”
“Why don’t Du go Home and come back with your degree. Then, maybe, I can do something for you” the man said.
“All right” Meg answered and she got up. She turned around and left the office. She leaned against the Wand and took a deep breath. She didn’t have a degree....
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The Weiter morning.
Cas was sitting in the court room. The judge had sat down and ordered everyone to follow his example.
“The defendant may stand up”
Craig poked Cas to let him know he had to stand up.
“Castiel, you’ve been accused of pedophilia of the four Jahr old Alexia Moore” the judge said.
“I didn’t do it” Cas sagte desperate. He searched the room to find Sam and Dean. They were in the back. Jo wasn’t there. Cas didn’t blame her. They didn’t know each other that well.
“There’s enough damning material to believe the opposite” Daphne’s attorney said.
That Kommentar caused mixed reactions. On one side there were those people who believed Cas was guilty as charged and who wanted him convicted. On the other side there were those who thought he was innocent and they were not pleased with the words of the attorney.
“Silence” the judge sagte and he knocked with his hammer.
“Your honor, if Du allow me, I’d like to summon my first witness”
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