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(Jeremy Gilbert) from The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is back this week and I think I speak for everyone when I say ‘Finally!’ This hiatus has been far too long for my liking. When last we left our Favorit residents of Mystic Falls, they were dealing with a crazy werewolf transformation (and some great Caroline and Tyler moments!), Stefan trapped in the tomb (and freed Von Elijah as part of a deal with Elena) and Luka lying to Bonnie about freeing the moonstone of its curse. Bonnie obviously has feelings for Luka, but Jeremy has feelings for...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Lost And Found Chapter Seven
Stefan Salvatore's POV
As I was hunting for animals. I came across Victoria laying on the ground.
Victoria? I asked cautiously.
She was sitting bait for a vampire to come Von and drain her of blood. A unresponsive girl in the forest alone. What Mehr could an evil vampire ask for?
I picked her up lightly and carried her back to my place. She had been there a while, I hadn't seen her at school for three oder four days. Surely she hadn't been there all that time. With Vampire passing through, like Damon. She was bait for him oder someone else.
What are Du doing? Damon asked....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Lost And Found Chapter Twopblshd
I don't mean to nosy but is everything okay? A guy asked.
I knew this face, the last time I had saw it was when I was really little. His features hadn't changed a bit. He was still the same age too. Vampire.
I got closer to Jeremy, just trying to get away from this vampire.
Everything is fine. Jeremy said.
I watched as the vampire left. I couldn't believe that my cousin was a vampire. He wasn't really my cousin something like my great uncle oder something like that. His name was Stephan Salvator.
Victoria are Du okay? Jeremy asked as he waved is hand in front of my...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Lost And Found Chapter TenN2P
Elana's face lit up when she saw Stefan. Stefan's face also lit up. Thy were so cute together.
I was surprised Von how many kids from school were here and how the place was lit up. It wasn't dim like Du would have thought it was. Since I couldn't find my jacket, I was only wearing short sleeves. I hated it. All the bruises on my arms were showing. It was on display for everyone to see.
Hi Victoria! Elana said.
Hey. I sagte shyly.
I'm really sorry to hear about your father. She said.
Um me too? I said.
Stefan and Elana started talking about their classes and what signments...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Lost And Found Chapter Five
It was a cloudy Tag in Mystic Falls. It was also a school day. I was running 20 Minuten late to my first class. All becuase of what happen within six days.
I was sick of Dad's drinking problem so I took his bier away. That resulted in six days of pain. Three of which were shool days and the rest was the weekend.
I pulled on some clothes to cover the new bruising. I could cover almost everything except for the scratches and bruises on my face.
I ran to school and was forty five Minuten late to Mr. Alaric's history class. But I walked into his class as if I wasn't...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I woke up and didn't know where I was. It looked familar but I couldn't put my finger on it. Ilooked around and saw a shelf full of journals. I was at the Salvatores' house. But this isn't where I went to sleep last night. I was at my own house crying myself to sleep.
Victoria, you're awake. Stefan sagte as he came into the room rather fast.
Why am I here? I was at my own house last night. I siad.
I know. I have bad news. Last night your father invited a vampire into the house. It attacked your ffather and killed him. He said.
What?! Why would Dad do that? I asked.
I dont know. damon passed...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Stefan's POV
No! PLease don't Damon! Victoria begged as she had a nightmare.
Awe, she's dreaming about me. Damon sagte sarcasticly.
No! She screamed as she sat up in bed.
Victoria was breathing heavyly as she looked at us.
Are Du okay? I asked.
I'm okay, thank Du Stefan. She said.
You're better than okay, Du dreamt about me. Damon said.
Not a dream, Mehr like a nightmare. She mumbled.
You forgot that I can hear you. He sagte as he was at her side.
She jumped off the bett and back away from him a little bit.
Damon stop scaring her. I demanded.
Why do Du care? Du like Elana. He said.
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Lost And Found Chapter Six
I really like you. I said.
That's not the secret. Du liking me doesn't create bruises on your wrist. He said.
Maybe is not the part me liking Du but the fact that Du keep grabbing my wrist. I said.
I highly doubt that. Come on fess up. He said.
Jeremy. I groaned.
Victoria. He whispered as the glocke rang.
I got up and literly ran to lunch. I was starving.
I grabbed my lunch and sat down. Jeremy saw me sit down and then he spotted Vicki, a girl he has been liking for a long time. It was sad, she was with Tyler who was a football jerk. But Vicki only used Jeremy to get drugs....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Lost And Found Chapter Four
My wife was obessed with them. She wouldn't stop till she found one. I don't know if she is one oder she's still; Du know. He said.
Oh I'm sorry. I said.
I know I have already asked this but how are Du related to Stepfan? Mr. Alaric asked.
I'm not sure if I'm still related to them. They spell their last name different from mine. But it's only one letter. I shrugged.
How do they spell it? He asked.
Their's is S-a-l-v-a-t-o-r-e. Mine is without an "e". I said.
Do Du know how Du are related to them? He asked.
My great grandfather was Stefan's great grandfather's brother....
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Lost and Found Chapter Three
I slept well last night. Dad didn't get drunk enough to beat me which I was thankful for. I still had to go to school which I didn't like. But all kids have to go to school. I didn't see Jeremy in any of classes. I wonder were he was. Was he okay?
As I sat outside for lunch, I saw Stephan sitting with Elana Glibert who was Jeremy's sister. I wondered if she really knew who Stephan was.
I sat there and watched them smile and laugh. I wished I had someone to do that with.
Out of the blue Stephan's brother Damon came over to him. Stephan didn't look to thrilled to be seeing...
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A long time Vor there was a family that lived in peace and harmony. In a small town called Mystic Falls. It was a quiet place not many things happen there.
It was a small but rich family. It consisted of a wife and husband, two teenage sons, and some servants. The husband's younger brother also lived with them. He had no other place to go so his brother was letting him stay with him and his family. The family soon teilt, split up over issues. They two men saw Mehr and Mehr things they disagreed on with each other. They were always arguing with each other, telling the other person they were wrong,...
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