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 Crafting room :D
Crafting room :D
I made a Replica of your world and I thought could Du please put some of these pictures on your videos? I have spent days on this!! I have watched all your videos, Subscribed to your channels and made Fan fictions. I would Liebe to help and see Du on minecraft. Hope I can see Du and hope Du enjoy these pictures!

 Liebe garden
Love garden
 Secret cake room :)
Secret cake room :)
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 Stampy picture (if needed)
Stampy picture (if needed)
How to build a statue of Stampy

1. Build up 2 blocks with white wool for sides of feet. (paws)

2. Build across 8 blocks with white wool for oben, nach oben of feet. (paws)

(so 2 up Von 8 across for paws with white wool)

3. Using orange wool, go up from oben, nach oben of paws 12 blocks.

4. from oben, nach oben of those 12 blocks, go across 8 with orange.

(so 12 up Von 8 across for legs, with a bit of white wool for belly)

5. For the belly, do 10 blocks up and 8 blocks wide with white wool.

6. shape out the tuft of furr on belly and fill in with white wool.

(so 10 up and 8 across for the belly.)

7. Go four blocks out with orange wool from...
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