Spyro The Dragon Who thinks the legend of Spyro the eternal night is the best Spyro game so far!

TheDarkmaster posted on Jul 03, 2008 at 11:01PM
I think it is the best one how about you.......

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Vicieron said…

I think the whole "Legend" series was the whackest thing to happen to the Spyro series ever.

Me, I loved Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly and A hero's tail. I never understood the whole reason why people didn't like S:AHT but I know the glitches and loading time for S:ETD irritated many fans and ETD is considered the worst in the Spyro series but, I completely and thouroghly enjoyed it.

What Sierra or Vivendi (particularly, I could care less what they are called) did to Spyro is an abomination to him and to any video game series ever. How do you think Sonic the Hedgehog fans would feel if Sonic Team decided to rewrite the entire Series, making Sonic a cat or perhaps a divine energy spirit that was reincarnated in a mortal form and now he must save the relm of the gods and take his place among them.

Doesnt sound too Sonic-like does it? That is the problem with the "Legends."
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