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 Sonic see the baby.:3
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That's cute!!!!:D
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-Sonic was standing in front of a huge mansion. It had Eggman symbols all over it.-
Sonic: this must be the place.
-Sonic ran inside, destroying the robots with the snap of his fingers. He quickly got to a big room. On the opposite on him, was like a huge Wand desk. Eggman was sitting there turned around.-
Eggman: Ah..Sonic...You finally came...I thought Du didn't care about your friends.
Sonic: where are they Eggman?!
Eggman: Straight to point? Fine. I know what Du want...Do Du know what I want?
Sonic: What?
Eggman: For Du to give up.
Sonic: Sorry Egg-head, but that's not going to happen.
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LOOK PEOPLE Du DONT HAVE TO BE MEAN ABOUT SONIC AND AMY!SONIC LIKES AMY BUT HE JUST DOES NOT WANT TO EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS TO HER!!HE'S TO SHY!BUT THEY WILL GET MARRIED AND HAVE A LITTLE GIRL NAMED ANA AND A LITTLE BOY NAMED SPEEDY!!!THEY WILL BECOME KING AND Queen OF Weihnachten ISLAND!!!!THEY L-O-V-E EACH OTHER!DUH!!(please dont take it offensive it's just that there a very adorable couple together.i mean come on everybody has their on opinions dont they so what ever Du do dont take this for granted and DONT PUT ANY HATER COMMENTS!ok!thanks fin
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A small, but cool motion capture session on mikumikudance with Sonic as a guest.~ <3
motion capture
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Von Sapphire Luna For The Holidays
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Okay sooooo... time to get fucked cause of this opinion of mine...I don't really want classic sonic in forces whyyyy? Du may ask well I dunno. WE ALREADY HAVE HIM IN FRICKEN SONIC MANIA!!! Okay sorry sounding like a sonic Fan freak who can't take opinions.Okay back to the point.So As Du can tell I'm happy about everything in forces so far... execpt classic sonic well Du see like I sagte earlier we already have him in mania.But know don't get me wrong classic sonic is adorable but..He is just their to please nostalgic fucktards... And when I mean Von classic Fans I don't mean all of Du so...
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