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posted by silverstream101
 Ember the Cat
Ember the Cat
(Some info might be wrong but it is a Fan fiction)

This is my rp character and this is her story...

Ember is 14 and is also Blaze's sister. One Tag Ember was just gone and this is why...
Ember age 7:

Today is the first Tag Blaze and i are full gaurdians. Blaze has always been the better fighter even though she is only a few months older.

Blaze- Hurry up Ember! We r going to be late!

Ember- Im coming im coming *quickly finishes and i run out the door nearly running into Blaze*

Blaze- *jumps out of the way* whoa not that...
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posted by SilverFanGirl
Micks- Du know what bothers me the most? Facebook...You never know what the fuck is going on! Its like one of your Friends go, "Oh, I had a terrible day." And Du wanna put "I had a worst day!" And you're're afraid that they might say, "Well, what happened?" Du might freeze. Du don't want to get into a Facebook fight. Why? They're dangerous. 'Cause if Du see that friend the Weiter day, you're both like, "Oh fuck, there they are!" Du quickly hide your face. Trying not to look at them. But they wanna talk. They always wanna talk about it. Mostly the Friends who are girls, guys...
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 sonic and dana as they appear in sonic dreamweaver
sonic and dana as they appear in sonic dreamweaver
sonic dreamweaver story part 1 chapter 1

Once in Sonic`s dimension, Sonic himself, The fastest hedgehog alive, had defeated the evil Dr. EggMan, And after a brutal battle, Sonic`s world was back in peace again... Untill one day...
Sonic had ventured into a deep forest, Trying desperately to find a chaos emerald. But while he was out, A spiral of aqua, rosa & white sucked him into it. As he was sucked into the spiral, it closed behind him. Leaving mobius with no hero to defend it from evil.
Sonic kept going on into the spiral. It had seemed like he was being pulled into no where.
He kept falling...
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posted by Silvaze_4_life
As a town in the middle of no where is it calm yet curious, how can we tell if anything is going to happen...well always be prepared.

A gang rides into the town of Okan as they shot the town down while they burn up the place.

Darkstalker: Ok men tear this place down!!!

Deathwalker: Already got Du covered (burns down a house with his fire-bottles)

Pan: Same here: (grabs Dynamite and throws it at the Police station)

???: Ok master (takes off his haube and its...Danny)

Darkstalker: Kill this town danny, make me proud

Danny: ok boss (grabs his feuer torch and goes around the whole town burning it up)

Darkstalker: (laughs evilly and watches Danny) Good job Danny

Danny: (smiles evilly) No problem my boss

(they ride off into the sunset)

Crystal: O no...not now....not freaken now!!

As the gang killed the town of Okan they retreated far away from the town while it burns down)

This is just the start of a huge WAR!!!!!
posted by chrisblass
Flame was just a baby when eggman started to take over mobius.His parents had to give him away before eggman found out along with his sister blitz and his brother burst they were seperated.One Tag when Flame was 5 his foster parents sagte :flame u have to use your power and burst out of here as fast as u can.But no but flame we Liebe u now go don't look back but they thought he left but he hid in the bushes as,egman robot came they took the parents and burn down his home.Flame cried and left as fast as he can.An Stunde later he bump into someone,it was sonic then they dicided to work together to stop eggman then they told they both relatives.5 years leter they took down eggman and save everyone in mobius but only Flame no Mehr of his story

The End?
posted by popthefox
eilly: is no one here??
danny: yea u can do it now
eilly: ok Da da da da, da da da da Da da da da-da da Do Du know if I can yell any louder How many time have I kicked Du outta here? oder sagte something insulting? da da da da-da I can be so mean when I wanna be I am capable of really anything I can cut Du into pieces But my herz is....broken Da da da-da da Please don't leave me Please don't leave me I always say how I don't need Du But it's always gonna come right back to this Please, don't leave me How did I become so obnoxious? What is it with Du that makes me act like this? I've never...
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the theme to Heroes in time plays.............pervoisly again on Heroes in time part 4.............................flame: alright bring it on monster! monster: (roars) (grabs flame and kicks him) flame: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (falls) ????: (slashes monster) eilly: danny????? flame: danny???? krisha: danny???? ????: ...... u ok flame? flame: uhhhhh yeah sorta thx?? danny: :) krisha: danny where have u been!? danny: i was at the forest walking with cleo intill we heared screaming and saw someone fall eilly: i guess that explains XD krisha: XD danny: well what are u guys doing in this dangerous...
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posted by Tailsfan8
Name: Miley Power

Species: Two-tailed Fox

Age: 13

Backstory: (see Miley Power's full backstory! part 1 and 2)

Boyfriend: Miles "Tails" Prower

BFF: Mixy the Manx Cat and Sugar the Hedgehog

Theme Song: Tik Tok - Ke$ha

Family: Doesn't remember them well, but she does remember that she had 2 brothers, 4 sisters and a mom and a dad. She's the youngest.

Talents: Can play the piano, guitar, drums, and can sing (she has the most beautiful voice in Mobius).
She can fly (like Tails), can run very fast (not as fast as Sonic), and is pretty strong (not as strong as Knuckles).

Favorit color: rosa (she would rather magenta over any other kind of pink)

Team name: Don't know yet

Team members: Miley Power, Sugar the Hedgehog, Mixy the Manx Cat

Team theme song: Don't know yet
the phymid strucks out agin.......... but this time revenge...........eilly: (still chaseing danny)u know where they are! danny: sorry but dont ahhh!!!!!! (runing) kelly: where danny cleo:................ who knows eilly was chaseing danny 3 hours and got tired cause hes too fast...........eilly: ugh i'm tired (sits on the ground) kelly: (walks to eilly) oh hi eilly eilly: hi kelly phymid head: now time to get revenge on those fools (kidnaps kell) danny cleo and eilly: KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phymid: if u want her back u will have to surrender in fear eilly: never! i'm gonna beat u u litte danny:...
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posted by popthefox
eilly: hi danny danny: hi eilly where have u been eilly: i was huh? (seens a phymid head) AHH!!! phymid head!!!!! (runs corned in fear) danny: dont worry (gets matter sword and slashes it) phymid head: (disappers) eilly: o mg that was close danny: i know so what do u want to do now eilly: hmmmmmmm (thinking) kelly and cleo: Hey guys! eilly and danny: hi kelly and cleo! cleo: wht are u doing danny: well we fighted a phymid head kelly: o my eilly: yes i just hope we dont see it again.................stay tuned for the Weiter epicsode of................EILLY COMICS!!!
posted by popthefox
i'm starting a sonic apotion for Fan characters some are drawned and recolored tomorrow sunday is the Tag that it will be released but there are rules for the characters: when u make a video Zeigen them in your vide 2. always make sure that the characters are always in a safe, sicher place and no one can find 3. u can draw them in rl and on computar 4. never give them to anyone and thats all so if and u can use them in a serires so when i make this always remember the 4 rules always remember our else it is gone yes i sagte it GONE so listen to the rules and also one Mehr thing enjoy them ^^
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Source: me, i drew this
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Source: blazeandarose's base on deviantart
Mostly there can be only dark one...XD man this is Zufällig fanfic of mine :3

Heartbreak laying on the ground doing his own thing (like sleeping XD) while a black hedgehog with blue tips of his hair and quills called Iilad come to him with no mouth on his muzzle what so ever..

..Who is this Emo laying on the floor sagte Iilad while the White and black haired Emowolf is laying catching some Z's |3, Come on man MOVE!!! >:3 Iilad attempts to kick Heartbreak to nudge him but kicked him in the most important place for a male... You know what i mean XD

OUCH WHAT THE HELL!!!! D:< screamed the white...
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posted by popthefox
amanda is a hegehog that was created Von dr.gerald robotnik after shadow was she is the sister of shadow she can run like shadow and is fast like sonic she sorta has a power just like silver, she has a crush on saturn the hegehog (zakbecks character)she is a secret enemy of eilly the seashell but she was never seen again after a exploasion after eilly and amanda fighted eilly never knew where she was then........then at the pilgrim time shadow found amanda strangled and bloody scraped Von a person named zak..............she then seen saturn and he then helped amanda........amanda was built to be evil.......and thats the history between amanda..........
posted by kingofheartless
Do Du belive in Engel and god Eclipse didn't until he died
Eclipse: (Drunk) Du guys are-are a aweshome
Group: No Du are
Eclipse Shut up (Walks away) I am glad to be away from those freaks (Throws moltove cocktail at the group blowing them up) HA HA HA (Walks away)
???: Du better change your habits
Eclipse: Who are Du my mom?
???: No I am God.
Eclipse: HA HA HA.... Nice try hobo (Breaks a bottle over the man's head)
???: That is it (Pushes Eclipse down making him fall in a hole) This is hell your new Home for a while...
(To be continued)
Before I start typing and Du start reading,
I would wanna give credit to Catgirl140 for
letting me use her Fan character. OK, you
can start Lesen now.

"Why can't I help defeat the recolors and Fan characters? Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean i shouldn't help!"Amy moaned.
"I hope Tails is alright. I DID send him out on his own to find the other officials."

Meanwhile, at Cream's place.
"So, Du want me and Cheese to help defeat over a zillion Fan characters?" Cream asked
"Well...I don't think there are a zillion. But, no matter how many there are, we still need lots of officials!" Tails replied....
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Sonic dashed through the blistering cold and through the scorching desert.
"Is the rumor true? I better find out!" He sagte to himself. He found a weird forest.
Suddenly he saw a yellow hedgehog fly by.
That's not a recolour. It's just a Super Sonic...
Then, the forest track stopped and a drunk hedgehog stopped him.
The drunk one said," Yoouuu can go through...if youuu wanttt- HEY! YOU'RE AN OFFICIAL CHARACTER! WHAT ARE U DOING HERE?!!!
Sonic was down in the dumps. Even though the drunk one might still be an official character, he was still certain that the rumor of Fan characters and recolours...
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