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 lil sis kelly
lil sis kelly
When Krisha was born a curse was put upon her and her 2 bros sonic and JoJo all of there family would die
by the time they were 5 there parents got murdered Von a mysious hedgehog tht looked like shadow but wasnt excaly him ..
then when they all turn 8 half of there family were dead . then Von the time she and her brothers were 10 , there 4 remaining sisters and 3 remainin bros were dead ...
Kelly ,krisha's lil sister , was the youngest of them all she luved her big sister and bros but krisha was forced to put kelly into adoption so she too couldnt die

James , there cousin was also cursed and...
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Never give Wildfire a corrupted Sol/Chaos Emerald. Otherwise, he becomes Corruptionfire, and gets EFFING TICKED! He is not gonna be happy to see you, and he'll beat the crap out of you.
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