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Whats your Fan couples

Just wondering really.
But I only have a few (less than 3)
Ash and Ivy.
Natalie and Apachi
new one: Jojo and Cooro
fansommer posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 fansommer posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Sonic Fan Character Couples Antwort

Tooootie said:
Lucas/Talia link

Nate/Espona link

Seth/Espona (No couple art yet but here's Seth on the far left) link

Mimi/Marissa -Surf'N'Turf- (link)

Drake/Kate ( link)

Note: Seth/Drake/Talia/Mimi/Nate aren't owned Von me- but their owners and I collabed on the story so w/e
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
TakTheFox said:

Characters both owned Von me (Or both are NOW owned Von me) = M
Characters not owned Von me = O

Lizzy Eventide Series... (All of the ones in this are owned Von me so... M M M M M M M X{D)
~Lizzy Eventide and Jack Menson
~Tess Solomon and Nick (Forgive this last name) Lemonheart
~Ira Black and Logan Lakeshore (No longer together)
~Nzelde Eventide and... kind of Chells

For My Country
~Darkshade (M) and Craiger X (M) (No longer together)
~Talia Reephs (M) and Craiger X (M) (No longer together)
~Talia Reephs (M) and Mark... I don't think I gave him a last name (M) (No Longer together X{D)

Mobius Academy
~Grace... can't spell oder remember her last name >__< (O) and Craiger X (M)
~Logan Lakeshore (M) and Lisa Stream (M)
~Talia Reephs (M) and Dave Hyatt (M)

Conflicts Arcane
~Rin (M) and Talon "Nick Falon" (O) (Kind of broken up...)

Identity stuffness
~Kaiya (M) and Dimension 4 (M)

~Geon (M) and Agent-004 (O)

I gots Mehr but can't remember them all X{D
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Cool! XD
fansommer posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Chuggarotex said:
Here is mine thus far:
1.) My main sonic couple-Boolina: Boom the Hedgehog+Selena the Hedgehog (link)
2.) Jakit: Jack the samurai fox+Kit the Kitsune (link)
3.) Sisvia: Sismic the Echidna (Mine)+Princess Silvia the Hedgehog (Not Mine) (link)
4.) Sonaqua Jr.: Sonic Jr. (My design)+Aqua the Hedgehog (Daughter of Boom & Selena)
5.) Samrosey: Sam-sic the Ehidhog (Son of Knuckles & Sonia)+Rosey (Daughter of Tails & Cosmo)
6.) Mamocelect: Mamoru the Hedgehog (Boom & Selena's son/Aqua little brother)+Celest the Hedgehog (Daughter of Shadow & Maria)
7.) Topal: Topz the Hedgecat (Son of Silver & Blaze)+Opal the Echidhog (Daughter of Sismic & Silvia)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Almost forgot about #8.) Oksune: Oki the Okami+Sune the Kitsune (Kit's twin sister)!
Chuggarotex posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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