SONIC COUPLES Sonic Couples and Why

Sonicgurl5 posted on Jul 30, 2012 at 02:48AM
My favourite couples are:
Sonaze (Sonic and Blaze) because the both have eachother's backs and work great as a team. They are both supportive of eachother.
Shadouge (Shadow and Rouge) because they both work really well together and they have a strong bond in alot of games.
Silvamy (Silver and Amy) because they were totally cute together in Sonic '06.
Tailream (Tails and Cream) because they are both so cute together.
So what are your fave couples? Keep the flames to a minimum!


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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kevin13110 said…
do you like tairine
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Uncle-Chairman said…
Sonaze and Tailrine are the only two Sonic couples I genuinely like and support. Likewise, Silvaze and Sonamy are the only two Sonic couples I genuinely dislike. All others I'm generally indifferent to.