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posted by blazeroxs
"How dare you?!" Blaze yelled from the tops of her lungs and was bursting out flames.
"Listen to me!" Sonic yelled back, "I was on my way to Tail's workshop when I ran into Amy. She was crying so I told her what was wrong and she sagte she was upset that I was with you. She told me she hated me, she hated me 'cause she spent all her life to make me fall for her and that she wasted all her time on me. She sagte Du won my herz Von not even trying. She had no chance to have fun -chasing me doesn't count- with her life. I felt bad for her so I uh... kissed her." he finished scratching his head.
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posted by ILoveSonic21
The reason I paired Sonic with Blaze is because, she fits. Sonic and Blaze are opposites in many ways but they are just similar in just as many. Sonic is laid-back, impulsive, selfish, and easy going. Blaze is straight forward, focus, intelligent and prefers to think before she acts yet they compliment each other, have respect for one another and trust each other on the level of that equal to Knuckles and Shadow. While they may argue and of course have differences, they can see past those problems to work together, even when the two don't understand what situation they're in, they're always...
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posted by blazeroxs
"Come on, Blaze. Please. Give me a chance." Sonic pleaded.
"For the last time Sonic, no." Blaze sagte turning around and walking away.
Sonic kept on following her, "Give me one good reason why Du don't want to go out with me." he finished putting a finger in the air.
Blaze cleared her throat, "Ok first of all Du always ask every girl Du know, besides Amy since she asks you. Du flirt every girl Du know, Du then make up with them, and-"
"OK, ok I see your point." Sonic cut her off, "But you're different. Du don't chase me around, Du don't try to kill me with a hammer, Du don't Zeigen off, and...
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posted by blazeroxs
i found this on deviantART, soo hope u like it:

(Sonic's House)

Sonic:Okay, the first Tag of high school, the Tag i finally ask Blaze out, *groans*
wait, doesn't she like that stupid white hedgehog Silver? Man, i hope she says yes!

(Blaze's House)

Blaze:*sighs* Okay, today's the Tag i ask Sonic out, *sigh* wait, doesn't he like that annoying rosa hedgehog, Amy? Oh well, i'll just have to hope for the best! I better hurry if im going to see him at the bus stop! *runs almost as fast as Sonic does*

(Bus Stop)

Sonic:Hey, Blaze, wats up? *smiles at her*

Blaze:*blushes* Uhh...... Sonic?

Sonic:Yeah, Blaze?...
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posted by crystalstream
Blaze wasn't a regular girl anyone would say so. She's a princess, she is a half-blood, and she's in love.
With Sonic the hedgehog.
Shocking, isn't it? Most people would think she would Liebe Silver, but he's not...Sonic.
Sonic is a cheerful, easygoing hedgehog who loves freedom. The only thing Blaze doesn't like about him is he attracts so many fangirls. Amy is the most annoying one, Nightwish is just a brat, and Sally is too girly.
Sonic is her perfect match, her soulmate. Speaking of soulmates...
"Hi Blaze." Crystal greeted.
Crystal was Blaze's little sister. She had moonliht silver fur, and sapphire...
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Here are all my reasons Du should support Sonaze over Silvaze.
1. Sonic knows how to make Blaze smile... without having her die. Okay, the only time I remember seeing Blaze smile with Silver was when she sacrificed herself to destroy Iblis and was trying to calm Silver down.
2. Sonic and Blaze work really well together. Admit it, they both work amazing as a team and they fight well together.
3. Silver's inconsistant. What I mean Von that is Silver's character is constantly changing, because SEGA doesn't know what to do with him. He might not be around much longer for all I know.
4. Sonic and Blaze...
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posted by blazeroxs
“Stupid Sonic… Blaze… going out… jerk face.” Amy mumbled to herself while walking around. “What’s wrong with me, Sonic? I’m I too pretty for you?” she yelled, though no one paying attention to her. She then heard running foot steps behind her and turned around to see Sonic there.
“Someone called?” he sagte pointing at himself.
Amy sagte nothing, but glared at him with her ‘what-do-you-think’ look. “Why?!” she yelled.
“Why what?”
“Don’t play stupid with me, Sonic.” Amy sagte folding her arms, “I know about Du and Blaze. Why her? What’s wrong with me?”...
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