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I did some research on the latest installment of Smallville 'Conspiracy'. It is noted that 'The Conspiracy' was once the alliance of five villains in the 'Marvel Comics' theme. Faora and Zod formed some kind of pact in 'Disciple' and that hasn't been discussed since and yet it seems as though Zod planned the entire thing. He would have surely died before he lived in his human form for much longer. Zod shouldn't get too comfy yet, Clark's weakness is now his and there is only so much he can do so long as Chloe is the holder of the Kryptonite-well now Oliver.

I am surprised I did not begin this...
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I hate Lana Lang. If Du like her that's fine but in my opinion she's a bitch. At first she seems nice. Du know pretty, smart, smiley etc. But she constantly proves to be an annoyance. When Whitney ties Clark up she sides with Whitney and even gets mad at Clark for not letting it go. She continues to be a pain when Clark rushes off to save Chloe instead of taking her out on a date. She gets mad at Clark for keeping secerts all the time. When Clark finally asks Chloe to the dance Lana is visibiliy upset dispite dating Whitney. She doesn't even stop him from going to war for her. She later ruins...
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I know that Clark loves Lois he wouldn't have married oder proposed to her if he didn't Liebe her, but I still have my doubts and Du can't really blame can't you?

From the beginning of samllville all we have seen is Clark's Liebe for the "perfect" hündin Lana Lang, and the writers kept reminding every couple of episodes that he loved her since he was 8 years old+ the 7 years (7 seasons of smallville) of loving Lana no matter how much she HURT HIM & BROKE HIS herz & lying to him and keeping secrets from him over and over, and no matter how much she changed I mean the girl that Clark feel...
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So after 13 days we have our Liste of the beautiful, the steamy, the delicious, hottest girls in Smallville! Here are the Results!

Girls results:

14: Nancy - first eliminated is sheriff Nancy, Wird angezeigt that wrinkles are her downfall.

13: Linda - needs to get rid of her bobble head look.

12: Martha - looking good for her age at number twelve.

11: Tyler - a fierce look got her to eleven.

On to the oben, nach oben ten!

10: Mia- can make even hookers look great!

09: Dinah - pulling off short blonde hair and a long dark wig is Dinah at nine.

08: Abby - plastic makes perfect with...
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Chapter 10: Sex, Lies and Misfortune

3 weeks ago

Lois got up from the couch and walked over to the door. When she opened it she saw Ollie leaning against the door frame.

“Hey Lois I was just thinking about Du and me, me and you, us, so I thought I’d stop by.” He slurred.

“Are Du drunk?” she asked as she caught of whiff of his breath.

“Me? No!” he denied it.

“Is that why Du smell like Du were swimming in scotch?”

“Maybe just a little tipsy, but common Lois, lets have a little harmless fun!” he raised an eyebrow.

“Ollie what has gotten in to you?” she asked shocked,
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