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Hello!Im the original maker of Skullclans website!I will add alot of stuff here for Du to get to know Skullclan better.I have invited all my warrior loving Friends and users of the website to come here to join!Yay!Btw,Since Lightpool is wrighting the history of our clan Du will see many Katzen names Du dont reconize so dont say "Whos Talonpaw?"or"There is no Blackface!".Those names that I mentioned will come here so our clan will keep growing biger and BIGger and BIGGER.Anyway I guess im out.PEACE!
Katzen I am-Spikeclaw,Shadowheart,Soul of Soulstar
Months have passed since the dream.Soulstar had worried about her kits ever since the dream.Then she remembered,today was their Tag to be aprenticed!
"Skullkit Du are now known as Skullpaw,your mentor will be Blackface.Deathkit,you are now Deathpaw,your mentor will be me.Hollowkit,you are now Hollowpaw,your mentor will be Spikeclaw.Clan dismissed!"Soulstar finnished and jumped of black rock."Heh!I bet im better than this clan combined!"Soulstar overheard Skullpaw say."Now stop being soo coky!"She heard Deathpaw yell.Hollowpaw shrunk back in the den.The sun went down and the Tag was over.
In Soulstars dream she saw three cats."My kits?"she mummerd.Then she noticed they were older versions of her kits.Skullkit seemed to have a evil grin to him.ollowkit looked frightend.Death kit looked loyal.A voice rung."The three will bring Peace,Death and Freedom."the voice said."W-who are you?!"Soulstar yelled,But the voice was gone.She woke up with a shocking gaze to see her deputy Misticheart dead.See Weiter time for chapter threeeeeeeeeee!By the way Du will notice whos bad and whos good on here.Soustar was our old leader.
I lightpool will tell Skullclan's Katzen our history.*sits*
Many moons Vor our old leader Soulstar had found three kits in the forest.She diddint know why the kits were here so she took them back to camp.Once there she looked at the kits and noticed somthing peculier about them.They all had diferent smells.One smelled like death,another smelled like the sky and the last smelled like Skullclans cats."Ill name them Deathkit,Hollowkit,and Skullkit."She sagte to herself.She took them to the nersury and they went right to sleep.That night she had a dream.