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 Translation Von Connect 48
Translation by Connect 48
This is an interview with Matsui Jurina, found in the 2014 version of the Senbatsu Election Book. Interviewer is in bold, Jurina’s Antwort are in quotes.

“I need a rival so I can continue to grow”

In the 2013 Election, Matsui Jurina entered “Kami 7″. After that, she was the victor in the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament. The Weiter place she sets her sights on can only be that one. In the interview, she analyzed herself with composure, but from every word blossomed a passionately burning fire. What could the reason for that be—?

When talking about this past Jahr in regards to Matsui...
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SKE48 Theater Manager: Imamura Etsuro, Shiba Kazuya (kenkyuusei)

Team S
Leader: Miyazawa Sae (kennin w/ SNH48)
Vice Captain: Sato Mieko (from Team KII)

Azuma Rion (from Team E), Iwata Karen (transfer from AKB48), Oya Masana, Kaneko Shiori (from Team E), Kitagawa Ryoha (promotion), Kito Momona (from Team E), Goto Risako, Takeuchi Mai (from Team KII), Tanaka Natsumi (kennin w/ Team H), Tsuzuki Rika, Deguchi Aki, Nakanishi Yuka, Futamura Haruka (from Team KII), Matsui Jurina (kennin w/ Team K), Matsumoto Chikako (draft member), Miyamae Ami (from Team E), Yakata Miki, Yamauchi Suzuran (transfer from...
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