What do Du expect from The Sims 4?

 kristina2 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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kiss_me508 said:
everything that i DIDN'T get from the Sims, the Sims 2, and the Sims 3!
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Daisyness said:
I think on the sims 4 there should be no monsters ike Vamps,Murders,No rapist, Grim Reaper and stuff because the game is still rated for children i think should keep the romantic stuff still, on there and everything but i think there shuld be Mehr hairstyles and seasons like most of Du said. I think Du should be able to controll your car like drive it and the same with a bike i think there should be Mehr people Du can like have in your household because in the sims 3 pets Du can have 6 people so i had triplets and i want all of them to have husbands and wives and children but i dont have enough room for all of that so i had to kill on of my triplets and i didnt want to i think Du should be able to have jobs like Firefighter, Maid, Vetenarian, pizza Delivery Guy/Girl, Artist, A person who sings dunno what Du call them!,Repairman/Girl And i think Du should have Mehr money salary like starting salary 45 bucks at least. I think there should also be Mehr clothes, And for a NEW skill, CLEANING SKILL!! And i think Du should theese type of weathers: Snow, Hail, Sleet, Thunder, Rain, Tornados,. A shout out for the sim makers : If Du make Mehr improvements to the game, Fix the glitches Mehr people will buy the game and there Du go Du got alot of money! LOL because on mine my husband LOL his legs were glitching badly his legs were broken, And Du should be able to do stuff like accidently break your leg and arms to go to the hospital more, like Du only go to the hospital when your havin a baby .-.... And i think Du should have a trait, a new trait called : Fashionable Which means they have a very good sense of style, Ignorant which means they do not like listning to there parents and does what they want to do, Geek which means they are very smart and they are a coworkers hate them and school mates tease them etc, beliebt which means Du sim is the hottest coolest one around your sim is very atractive easily makes Friends and mates.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
CrayzeeBubbles said:
*More pet options (Fish,Cat,Dog,Horse,Snake,Hampster,Bird,etc.)
*Choose what your sims say,or at least have em speak in english.
*Teen pregnancy.
*More clothes,furniture,hairs,etc.
*Control your own car.
*More career options (Specifically bartender,bouncer,vet,etc.)
*Dance expansion pack including
-Different Dance Careers (Ballet,Hip-Hop,etc.)
-Dancer Outfits
-Dancer Hairstyles
-Dancer Traits
-New Interactions based on New Traits.
-Dance Studios in town.
*Baby & Toddler Stuff Pack (Strollers,Car Seats,etc.)
*More Interactions for Toddlers & Babies.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
I agree
swagitskater posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
AStephens said:
I'd like to see an improvement on the way Sims react to items Du bring into the house. Instead of just shaking their finger at it, oder crying (I'm never sure whether they're crying out of joy oder sadness), maybe a popup explaining what they're thinking... "Just what I wanted," "Maybe something a little cheaper/more expensive"... Du get my drift... :)
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
darange said:
i have epectations for the sims 4 here are a Liste of what i want to see
*better graphics
*larger familys
*see inside buildings
*more careers
*better neighborhoods!
*teen pregnancy, teen/adult relationships . (Yeah, I know its gross and wrong but guess what its real)
*better expansion packs
*more clothing options
*more hair options
* go to college (with out expansion)
*seasons in the game
*more activities
*kindergarden for toddlers
*aging + death and stuff clips like in the sims 2
*chose hieght
Allow Du to control your sim when there at work and school and have real jobs to do while your there

*sepret schools (like preschool, elamentry, jr.high, highschool)
*more Multiple Births,Twins,Triplets,Quadruplets

*They should have zoo`s to vist and get own your own zoo and pubs/clubs OWN YOUR OWN BISSNESS!, and this can be for some ppl but owning a mafia for Police Vs Mafia. Seasons change so Spring summer Autumn Winter (Snow, Rain, Sun, Storms ect...)
*Larger Towns
*More things for teens
*more traits
*open neighborhoods
*More places to visit, like maybe islands in World Adventures. The World doesn't just consist of France, Egypt, and China.
*no Mehr Rabbit holes!
* crushes (kid,teen, etc)
*the option of putting children up for adoption
*able to get arrested
*Be on TV shows
*More stuff for children!

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
lolipop_star said:
I want to expect multiplayer, pets (not just Hunde and cats) there should be multiple city's and country's when Du go into town Du should be able to see inside the buildings and when Du drive your car Du should be able to see your sims same as the mirror. Even seoson's I guess all the games mixed up.

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
jenlynatkin said:
I expect a few things from the Sims 4 to make a better game play experience.
1. Hair and Hats separate.
2. Mehr Toddler interactions, to make it better to have to be a tiny sim. a "MINE!" thing between two toodlers could be fun, oder just some talking.
3. different kinds of stairs that DON'T require cheat to put in.
4. Mehr realistic bills. House bills under 100$ a month? Really?
5. Fill in the career gap. If I want to be a maid, then I should be allowed to. No Mehr sims that have ncp jobs.
6. I'd like walk in businesses/no rabbit holes. That would make things Mehr fun to actually shop.
7. I'd like to have necklaces available, instead of having it attached to a dress oder shirt.
8. I'd like to see Mehr crime, not just kleptos stealing, just have them better at it.
9. I'd like to have a better world tool that actually is connected to the game and not a separate download.
10. I'd like to see some vices in with the virtues, something the sim is not happy unless indulged from time to time, like gamboling.
11. I'd like the fears to come back.
12. I'd like a honeymoon place for newly wed sims. not just "congrats Du get to clean up a party and go home. A resort of some sort oder whatever.
13. Mehr travel options, I mean come on, the world doesn't consist of China, France, and Egypt.
14. Lastly, I'd like to see a middle aged life span, instead of adult to elder, a little something in between instead of BAM!!! your old. Graying hair oder the like.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
XxLoserxX said:
Better graphics, Mehr realistic, seeing your sim closer, Mehr detail to sims, Mehr tv channels, newer songs on radios , better dancing , nose picking, Mehr hairstyles, awesome snack foods, great expansions, no rabbit holes, seeing your sims inside buldings, controlling school , gum chewing , smoking , killing people, clocks we can read , and Mehr :)

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
scilla1993 said:
I’m a Fan of The Sims when they came out, so I know that’s everything after that pretty much copy.So I want for sims 4 to be realistic, that is all at once, only one game with all the expansions in 1 .I want that we can extend and shorten the length of the hair for fimale sim as much as we want and high oder short body.I want that we can absolutely control everything and of course I do not want to have so much error, the game just go out and demolish everything we were doing and then we must do all from beginning.I want them to look Mehr like GTA IV oder V and Bioshock Infinite oder Disney caracters like Little Mermaid oder Pocahontas,I want their hair flaying in the wind,just closer to real life.I want them to grow old like real people,like Fable the Lost chapter character.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
swagitskater said:
I don't want anymore rabbit hole. I want to see my kid in school. I want to be able to enroll him/her in school. I want their to be a mall for my teen to go and hangout with her Friends at. I want an airport so my family can go on vacation. I want their to be baskets so that if Du bring your child to the grocery store Du can push them and put Essen in it. And a baby isle in the grocery store. I want to be able to have washer and dryers in all the expansion packs. Also I want hotels so that Du can stay their if Du are in a fight wit your spouse, Du don't have a place to live, Du can just go for fun etc..... also I want to be able to have places where they can go and have fun like how we can go to power play and places like that. Also I want to be able to go to the hospital and be able to know if I am having a boy oder girl. And be able to throw a baby shower. And that is all I can think of so hope Du will consider it.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
sims_05fan said:
I think everything should be realistic. No monsters but have realistic personalities and jobs (etc) and to have Mehr opportunities like Schauspielen oder dancer (etc) and Du can see Mehr like in school oder at their job Du can't see what their doing. I like to see and know what it is.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
candykats said:
I would want:

Mehr people in household
Mehr pets, like genuine pigs, hamsters, birds and other
Jobs where Du can like actually work like pizza girl/man and Du can like smash the pizza in peoples face if Du want xD
Sea Tiere like sharks, whales, dolphins
Mehr deaths such as car crash, hai attacks, suicide (I mean I know kids should play it but Hey it's fun to see that happen)
Live in other places like Paris, Japan, Egypt (you can like stay there for awhile but have to go Home soon...)
When Du die, maybe Du turn back into another Sim and Du can create them again (without those cheats) oder go to Heaven and see all the puffy clouds and people lol
Mehr hairstyles
Mehr clothes!!!
Can control your car
When Du go to school, Du can like control what Du do in the school (I WANT THIS SO BAD!)
Mehr money (I don't really care about this because I use a cheat but for those other non-cheaters yea)
Be able to ground kids
When Du go to jail, Du get to see inside the jail
I kinda want murders...they got murders?
And that's mostly it LOL I'm so terrible with this game

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
michelle10x said:
Here are things Id like there to have in the Sims 4:

-longer seasons(not just a few days)
-more pets(cows, ducks, snakes, crocodile)
-more jobs like pizza delivery, actor, singer...
-being able to go inside buildings
-play online and fall in Liebe and stuff with other players
-control cars and bikes, etc
-more vehicules (trucks,cars,scooters,motorcycles)
-aging gradually
-natural disasters (hurricane,tsunami,earthquake)
-injuries(lose a finger,car accidents)
-be able to be a criminal, kill people and getting arrested
-teen pregnancies
-choose between living on a farm, house, apartment.... but all in one city so we can change from one to another
-plant crops
-more holidays(Halloween,valentines,march break, summer break,christmas...)
-santa claus with gifts
-people bring presents to birthdays
-more relationship interactions
-A LOT Mehr hairstyles and clothes
-more vacation options like Hawaii, uk, Australia
-cruise ships
-able to control their every movement
-more furniture
-college, university, Tag camps, etc
-choose which courses they take in college, university
-the sims can get diseases, infections
-real life Berühmtheiten and your sim can follow them around
-larger households
-better graphics
-able to Design our own clothing
-more traits
-you can Bewegen to other countries

theres probably Mehr but I cant think of anything right now
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
not_so_crazy said:
I'd like to be able to camp in the wild, and for bears, wolves, etc to attack you. To become famous, like, if you're an author, and some Fan comes up to talk to you.
This is a kids game, I know, but I'd Liebe this game even Mehr if there was murders, suicides, stillborn babies, mother dying after/during birth, etc.
Lawsuits would be real cool also.
Swimming at the beach, tanning, hai attacks.
A mall.
Mehr social interactions, such as: laugh at, tease (romantic way), bully (for teens and children), humiliate, and create a rumour.
Parents grounding children, being arrested, stuff like that.
Also, a few new traits, like dancer, singer, actor, gamer, devious, dork, insecure, confident, etc.
Actually see and control what your sim is doing when at work, school, oder shopping.
Height, hair length.
Travelling, as in going to other towns, going out on a cruise, and honeymoons, vacations, business trips.
Also, diseases and infections, Mehr trips to the hospital, abortion, adoption, abandonment (leave your child someplace?).
Getting drunk, controlling driving, hotels, church (for weddings), preschool, college, (without expansion packs oder whatever).
Yeah, I could think a few Mehr things, but nearly everything's been sagte already, so..
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
ashraee said:
- height sliders
- quads/quints, etc.
- Mehr age ranges like pre-k oder preteen
- expansion packs included in base game
- teen pregnancy without mods
- unlimited people per household
- faster loading
- diseases/special needs
- broken bones
- longer pregnancies
- Babys have arms and legs
- Mehr clothes and hairstyles
- ETC.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Samy2994 said:
[+] - already added onto Sims 4
[x] - will not be added onto Sims 4

What to Add
- Mehr accuarte CAS options (facial feature) [+]
- Choose my own hat and hairdo combination [+]
- Have better fitting clothes (jeans that go INSIDE the boots) [+]
- Better choice in shoe styles (stilletos, pumps etc.)
- Mehr specific traits (Jealous etc.)
- Mehr favourite colour options
- Mehr body shape and features options (size and shape of legs, arms, feet, butt etc.) [+]
- Height option [x]
- Better application of makeup (picking the places where eyeshadow goes)
- Mehr life time goals
- Mehr tattoo options and designs
- Mehr accuarte stages of aging (baby, toddler, child, pre-teen, teen, [mix of teen and yound adult], young adult, adult, [mix of elder and adult], adult)
- Larger number of Sims per houshold

At Home
- Place painting anywhere on the walls
- New realistic furniture
- Rotate furniture Mehr liberally
- New TV shows with Mehr up-to-date Sims in the shows
- Place windows and doors freely
- Bewegen an entire room elsewhere [+]
- Mehr realistic looking food
- Run out of groceries
- See inside and use the treehouses
- Mehr baby furniture

Career Life
- Mehr career options
- Maid
- Butler
- Plumber
- Repairman
- Veternarian
- pizza delivery
- Dance choreographer
- Animal trainer
- Babysitter (TEEN)
- Newspaper boy/girl
- pizza delivery (TEEN)
- Dog walker
- Bring back Open for Business (have your own home-run business selling cakes, inventions, art work, sculptors etc.)
- Be able to open your own resturante and run it
- Mehr start-off pay
- Be able to assign Sims tasks while at work

In Town/World
- Have the option to drive my own bicycle/motorcycle/car oder have the game do it automatically
- Mehr variety of stores (Movie Rental, Video Game Store, Pet Store etc.)
- Have different building for different school stages (Kindergarden, Preschool, Junior High & High School)
- Have an In-Town Community College
- Creative Arts Studio (hip-hop, ballet, ballroom dance, music, art, sculpting, singing, acting, acrobatic center with lessons etc.)
- See into buildings and interact with the furniture and people inside it (NO RABBIT HOLES)
- Malls where Sims Shop for clothes
- Mehr unique looking apartments
- Mehr vacation destinations (Italy, Brazil, Australia, Nigeria etc.)

Interactions/ Sims Life
- Know how the Sims are feeling during a conversation oder task [+]
- Mehr interaction options
- Toddlers have Mehr interactions between themselves and family members
- Mehr actions availible for kids
- Friends with benefits (don't judge me)
- Different homework assigments (projects, career Tag etc.)
- Mehr family relationships (second cousins etc.)
- [mix of teen and young adult] pregnancies
- Kids play instruments
- Sim-Bands play custom music
- Cheerleading, American football, racing track team, swimming team and Fußball for teens (aswell as control them during practice)
- H
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
I have so much Mehr but was unable to add it on (x SORRY
Samy2994 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
that would be cool if they added all of the that.
babymuffin21 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
hobbesandjenna said:
I think that there should be chinese delivery like in the sims 2 universität life. glocke Goth coming back. I dont want it to be another prequal either like sims 3. And bigger towns.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
babymuffin21 said:
I hope they let us be able to see insides the schools and control the Sims 4 in there and add university's and pets and it would be better if they added toddlers instead of skipping from Babys to children and add some new clothes, hairstyles etc and maybe add some new professions where Du can run them from home, oder some Mehr work where Du can go inside and control them. It would be cool just to control your Sims all the time wherever they are. And maybe they could add free roam world oder whatever instead of just Wird geladen them there.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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