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(This is fanfiction)

RockyBlueBear:Hey,whts up?


RockyBlueBear:I'm bored,Ty is out wit Cece ;)

DeuceMartinez123:R they on a date?

RockyBlueBear:I guess so...

DeuceMartinez: Speaking of dates I have to ask u sumthin'


DeuceMartinez123:You wanna go on a datum wit me?

RockyBlueBear: YES!:)!!!!!

DeuceMartinez:I'll meet Du at the park I have something planned :)

RockyBlueBear:Okay bye.Bout 2 log off see u there :)

DeuceMartinez123:Bye! :) <3

RockyBlueBear: *GASP* <3 U 2!

'RockyBlueBear' has logged off.

'DeuceMartinez123' has logged off.