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sonic adventure 2
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now oder never
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Shadow beats up Sonic
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Welcome back! As we left off in part 2, I sagte I MIGHT make part 3. Well, I'm super-duper bored right now, so I wrote it anyway! Oops, back to the story! So anyway, after all the demons exploded, I sagte Sonic never insulted Shadow about his shadow again. I didn't mean that it was the end! Then, the ashes of the exploded demons started to rain, and they smelled bad! Oh yeah, and the demon ashes also turned into a giant blob monster because it started to rain and the ashes got all wet. Then it started shooting lasers out of its one eye, and everyone panicked! Then Eggman just flew in on his hover...
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I walked through the forest. I had been thinking lately. If SHadow had really left, oder not. Days ha gotten shorter, and I haven't been talking to anyone for the past four weeks. My life had been falling apart. Where could he be? We searched EggMan's base, but we didn't find anything. I asked Sonic to check the city twice, and still nothing. My herz fell to the pit of my stomach, ANd then, I just gave up. "He's not coming back, is he?" I asked Knuckles, my eyes watering. he shook his head, and I knew that there was no use trying to find him. But I wouldn't give up hope. That night, I sat on...
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 how babe looks like if she was human
how babe looks like if she was human
Shadow: u sagte theres a new girl coming in Sonic
Sonic: she is be patient
Babe the fox: *pretty little fuchs that is orange and brown with green eyes* hi
Sonic: *drooling*hello
Babe: hi im Babe
Shadow: yes u are
Babe: excuse me
Shadow: i mean we was expecting u miss Babe
Babe: o thank u
Scourge: hot Babe
Babe: excuse me
Scourge: i think i need a plumber baby would u help me with that
Babe: *bites him*no i may not *walks off to her room and kisses Tails*
Shadow:shes hot
Knuckles and Sonic : u dont lie
Babe: *brings out a chain saw*nyu *runs after them *morons *goes to sleep in her room*
1. If u become shadow's girlfriend,punch him and run.*thats a simple way to get kidnapped*
2. Call shadow Emo ,warning: u may get killed for that
3. Tripping shadow,lauging in his face then run
4. chase shadow in Green zone hill
5. Videotapping him then putting it on youtube
6. Sceaming in his ear
7. If u are his gf,and cheat on him with sonic
8. Calling him a asshole
9. Getting sonic,and sliver to try and beat him up *Shadow is going to win!*
10.and finally..stalking him!