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The blue hedgehog kept running. Running from that... That monster. He stoped, out of breath. He saw something. Eyes. HIS eyes, but red. Suddenly, the monsters voice rang out, and her arms were around him.
"Sonic! Oh, I'm so glad I found you!"
He tried to break free, but the little rosa hedgehog was stronger than she looked.
"Amy, your... your HURTING me!"
" Oops, sorry Sonic... I just Liebe you!" Amy said, letting go.
"Um, Amy, I don't, um, like Du like that. We're friends, but..."
" Sonic?"
"I've got to go Amy." He ran, leaving her in the rain. She stared to cry.
Suddenly, the rain was gone. She...
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Welcome back! As we left off in part 2, I sagte I MIGHT make part 3. Well, I'm super-duper bored right now, so I wrote it anyway! Oops, back to the story! So anyway, after all the demons exploded, I sagte Sonic never insulted Shadow about his shadow again. I didn't mean that it was the end! Then, the ashes of the exploded demons started to rain, and they smelled bad! Oh yeah, and the demon ashes also turned into a giant blob monster because it started to rain and the ashes got all wet. Then it started shooting lasers out of its one eye, and everyone panicked! Then Eggman just flew in on his hover...
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posted by Eizabella_Tiger
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posted by Invader_K
I walked through the forest. I had been thinking lately. If SHadow had really left, oder not. Days ha gotten shorter, and I haven't been talking to anyone for the past four weeks. My life had been falling apart. Where could he be? We searched EggMan's base, but we didn't find anything. I asked Sonic to check the city twice, and still nothing. My herz fell to the pit of my stomach, ANd then, I just gave up. "He's not coming back, is he?" I asked Knuckles, my eyes watering. he shook his head, and I knew that there was no use trying to find him. But I wouldn't give up hope. That night, I sat on...
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 how babe looks like if she was human
how babe looks like if she was human
Shadow: u sagte theres a new girl coming in Sonic
Sonic: she is be patient
Babe the fox: *pretty little fuchs that is orange and brown with green eyes* hi
Sonic: *drooling*hello
Babe: hi im Babe
Shadow: yes u are
Babe: excuse me
Shadow: i mean we was expecting u miss Babe
Babe: o thank u
Scourge: hot Babe
Babe: excuse me
Scourge: i think i need a plumber baby would u help me with that
Babe: *bites him*no i may not *walks off to her room and kisses Tails*
Shadow:shes hot
Knuckles and Sonic : u dont lie
Babe: *brings out a chain saw*nyu *runs after them *morons *goes to sleep in her room*
1. If u become shadow's girlfriend,punch him and run.*thats a simple way to get kidnapped*
2. Call shadow Emo ,warning: u may get killed for that
3. Tripping shadow,lauging in his face then run
4. chase shadow in Green zone hill
5. Videotapping him then putting it on youtube
6. Sceaming in his ear
7. If u are his gf,and cheat on him with sonic
8. Calling him a asshole
9. Getting sonic,and sliver to try and beat him up *Shadow is going to win!*
10.and finally..stalking him!
posted by Megan-the-fox
I hopped off my black motorcycle walking up to a small gas station. As i entered a few people looked but others wise ignored me. The atmospher was warm and comfortable but nothing like home. I had come here at least 3 oder 4 times now, not really where i liked to be. As i sat down i noticed that Jessy was working here tonight and smiled. Whenever Jessy worked here that meant two things for me faster service, and free coffe. "Hey megan. How are ya?" I shrugged, "I'm ok. Can i have-" Jessy walked off and in a few Minuten came back with my favorite. I smiled taking the coffe, standing up, and leaving...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The cast for this story is all Sonic characters, with the exception of Jack Nicholson, and Erik Estrada playing as two of the characters. I promise Du guys will like Shadow's character, as well as the entire Fan fiction.

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

Song (Start at 0:46): link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Fiction

Bad Auditions Von Bad Actors

Starring Sally Acorn as the Casting Director
Silver The Hedgehog as Roger
Amy Rose as Melissa
Sonic as Melissa's Schauspielen Coach
Shadow as Joe
Rouge as Josie
Mina as Maria...
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posted by christalthefox
Well Shadow IS the MOST HOT hedgehog of the UNIVERSE(!!!!!!!!!!)and because he 's a mystery guy with the secrets of his self and because he hasen't got a pinky-crazy with red colored dress oder a strange cat who doesn't live him alone FOR ONE AND ONLY SECOND(not telling Du lie she's dead at real.sorry Blaze's fangirls but she died at sonic the hedgehog 2006).Anyway Shadow is just every teenage girl wants.A sweet hot and powerful guy who really don't want to lose she (again).Believe me before Shadow IS was in Liebe with Silver(sucks x on Tag I saw Shadow's video game and then...<<WHO THE HECK IS SILVER?????)Then all the Tag I saw AND ONLY Shadow's pics, vid's and more!!!!!!!!!!!This is all I have to say.about.See ya at my Weiter article!!!!!!
 The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
The way I saw Shadow in the balcony, his head smashing onto a mirror.
Sonic placed a delicate hand on my shoulder. I was shocked, and my eyes were as wide as saucers. What was he doing here? I could've sworn I was alone. Sonic looked at me, concern clearly stated in his eyes. Amy appeared out of nowhere and creeped Weiter to Sonic, with a sad Tails behind her. Tails' eyes never spoke a lie, so many people could tell the mood in the room Von seeing Tails' expression. And I knew this mood was going to be either sadness oder rage. Amy didn't have her hammer with her, because I spotted it Von the grassy patch of shrubs. Sonic still stared at me, my regenbogen eyes piercing...
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STOP! If Du haven't read chapters 1,2,3 and 4 this may not make sense, so read them all 1st!

Rocha's POV:
I finally got settled into the warm, cozy bett under the red blankets. I closed my eyes for a few moments until I heard footsteps then felt Shadow crawl onto the bett beside me. He must have thought that I was sleeping because he didn't even take the blanket from me. "It's okay Shadow... I'm awake." I saw him gladly take the blanket in the bright moonlight, then we just lay there staring at eachother. "Shadow..."
"Yeah." he said, bringing his hand under his head.
"I need to talk to you."
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posted by ShadowGirlLover
 Rouge and shadow
Rouge and shadow
Shadow was walking to Sonic's house when he heard Rouge calling for help. Shadow forgot about Sonic and rushed to save her. He quikly grabed her and took her to a safer place. Rouge sagte that she didn't need his help. Shadow sagte Du would have been crushed if it wasn't for me. Rouge turns over to Shadow, Du know your kinda hot. Shadow blushed. Shadow put his hand aruond Rouge. Shadow sagte your kinda sexy yourself.(Shaodow and Rouge makeout for a while.)Sonic runs into the both of them. Sonic says what's up. Shadow kicks Sonic in the nuts and runs away, without Rouge.
"Mmmmm... Shadow, the alarm clock," Tara mumbled as she buried her face in her pillow. Shadow slowly lifted his arm and felt around on the sidetable for the clock. When he found it, he smashed it to bits. "Shadow!" Tara said, the noise waking her up completely. "What?" he said, putting the kissen over his head. "You really need to work on that," she said, lifting up the covers and getting out of bed. "Whatever," Shadow grumbled. Tara looked at him upset, but then she got an idea. She walked through the doorway and went across the hall to Midnight's room, then to Star's room. "REALLY!?!?!"...
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 The way Shadow looks at me when I wake up in the morning. :-)
The way Shadow looks at me when I wake up in the morning. :-)
Shadow and I woke up to the sun shimmering on my red curtains. I completely forgot we slept in my room. Shadow giggled at something, and I pondered what. We were still in bed, me in my pajamas, which was a blue tank oben, nach oben and white flannel shorts. Shadow, obviously, didn't wear anything. He slipped off his shoes and gloves. I smiled as I looked out the sloppy tent window to see the trees swaying around like a group of hula dancers. Shadow smiled as he saw me. "You're so beautiful, sexy and perfect." He sagte cutely as he winked seductively. I blushed brightly and closed the curtains. Shadow was...
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posted by silver9090
One Tag sonic,shadow,knuckles was sleeping they fell hot so Hey take ,there covers off then they fell cold,dizzy they call tails amy silver rouge to take care of them so amy tails silver rouge went to there house they them sleeping together,they made them soup,sonic shadow knuckles ate the suppe then they throw up in the bathroom the Weiter Tag they feel better so they the same thing to tails amy silver rouge they feel better they got marry they had childen
they got sick they did the same thing over,over,over,over. THE END
posted by SkyHedgehog
Shadow isn't real. And even if he was, i'm sure he would be hiding from Du weirdos that are freaking obsessed with him and want to rape him. e_e

God that was one fail of a first paragraph...but onto my rant!

*takes a deep breath*

You fangirls are fucking crazy. CRAZY. I know how that is, too. I used to be fucking crazy. Fuck. XD First off, Shadow the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog created Von SEGA, the owners of the Sonic franchise. They unleashed a monster. A MONSTER. I think we'd all be better off with just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. And Amy, if you're a little adventurous....
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Rocha's POV:
Life was just getting Mehr and Mehr eventful as time lingered on. I wondered if it would still be calm in the alley where I used to live. I thought back to the times when I was truly alone and had no one, but when I looked around and thought about how Sonic and Shadow and everyone cared for me and loved me as one of their own, I felt comforted and knew that no matter how hectic things got here, I would never want to go back to the cold, sea of lonliness, and the fact that I would never have to go back. I looked at Shadow who had a somewhat apprehensive temperment to him. "Shadow,...
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 This is the most suspenseful chapter, you'll be longing for Mehr soon! Chapter 9 is the final part! Will I live, will I die? Who knows?
This is the most suspenseful chapter, you'll be longing for more soon! Chapter 9 is the final part! Will I live, will I die? Who knows?
The Weiter thing I woke up to was a siren. It blared loudly and it's red Farben swirled over the sky. There was plenty of commotion, people we're running around frantically, and I saw nurses carrying pills, medicine, and antibiotics. I was in a hospital bed, with a white sleeveless hospital gown. My head was spinning in hundreds of directions right now, and my eyesight was blurry. When I finally came to my consciousness, I saw Shadow sitting Weiter to me, his hand grasping mine. He saw I was awake and he smiled happily, "Your awake! I'm so happy! I knew Du wouldn't dream of leaving me now." Shadow...
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ok ok i admit i for got were i left off ok so me restart if Du dont like i dont care

so we start with darkly(me)
i was just looking though the woods for my family when...
dequ:hi darkly :)
me: oh its just Du well hi dequ
dequ: what Du doin
me: not much just looking for shadow and the others :(
dequ: not again
me: Du didnt no what i lost
dequ: well im an orphan
both: sigh
dequ: can Du tell me about your self since that is always your excuse
me: fine well it all startedon the ark shadow was with maria {like always} shade was working on his toy robot thingy darwen was trying to break free of his chains...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Sonic spinballed into Kodi to knock him away from the Death Bomb. "Oh, so your going to stop me? Don't Du feel Du could be doing something Mehr productive with your final moments?" Kodi said. Sonic replied, "Kicking your arsch seemed like the most productive thing we could do at the moment." Kodi then shot Hadokens at the trio, who dodged it. Silver tried to capture Kodi in his psychokenisis. Kodi used Bat Shriek to break his concentration, Shadow went in to schlagen, punsch him, but Kodi grabbed him Von the arm and used him as a shield from Sonics blast. Kodi tossed Shadow at Silver and shot at and elbowed...
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