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Name: Mugigi
Species: Angolan
Rank: Sergeant
Gender: Male
Age: The oldest in the platoon

Although Mugigi is the oldest and have the highest rank in the platoon, he is still not the leader of the MAI Platoon. His personalities are half Fuyuki and half Mois. If Beriri was not there, Mugigi is the one who cleans Kanana and Sutata's messes.

Mugigi is actually an Angolan, his disquise form is as a keronian. He have blue headband, teal, knickente, blaugrün skin and normal human eyes. But it was hinted that he was an Angolan because he has a tail that shapes just like Mois' hellmaggedon staff's cresent part. And although his...
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posted by jedikeroro5
It was a normal autumn Tag at the hinata house hold. Fuyuki and Natsumi were getting ready for school and keroro was babbling on about a stupid plan nobody cared for. Fuyuki and natsumi quickly grabbed a piece of toast for her and fuyuki. they stuffed it in their mouths and ran out the door. As the hinata children Were at school, keroro stopped talking about his plan to take over pekopon . Giroro stared daggers at keroro 'is he serious?' giroro thought while narrowing his eyes. " okay the meetings over " thank god" giroro muttered . He yawned " k don't wake me up" he sagte as he headed for his...
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Name: Kanana
Species: Fish-Keronian
Rank: Private third class
Gender: Female
Age: Younger than Tamama

Kanana has a Gold (But not shiny) skin, cat-like blue eyes, rosa fins, rosa fisch tail and a white headband. Her symbol is a dark blue up arrow.

Kanana is actually a plain goldfish, with rosa fins and rosa tail, but she was turned into a fish-keronian Von Kururu. She was supposed to be Kumimi's beloved pet since she was at Maron, but because of her arrival at Keron, since Kumimi pay attention to Beriri Mehr than Kanana herself, Kanana saw when Chibi Kururu visits Kumimi and Beriri, Kururu tested his...
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posted by crazygirl13
Name: Merara

Rank: Sargeant/ Leader

Looks: She has a grey body, a white face (like Tamama) a yellow hat,She wears rectanglar glasses(like the ones my Chibi Icons wear.) her symbol is a peace sign.

Personility: She is sweet, kind, and a little bit shy, but she has a short fuse. In fact back on Keron they called her "the living reason for anger management." Also because of her anger she only had one friend, Luggaa, who understood her anger. Also Merara is very protective of Luggaa. Her Favorit ways to threaten things are setting them on feuer oder her chainsaw.

Signature Weapon: Chainsaw

Likes: Reading,...
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posted by LuggaaTun
*Somewhere down in the base of the ARMPIT Platoon Keroro was coming up with Ideas that failed when the CANS Platoon (Luggaas Platton with Sorere, Katomomo, ChiChi and Cobrara) came inside*

Keroro: And thats how we'll use soda to take over!

Luggaa: Coming up with Mehr useless ideas Keroro?

Narrator: This is Luggaa. Leader of the CANS platoon. And heres the rest.


Soreere: Dude your plans fail all the time

Katomomo: Even when we were kids, your plans were still the worst

Keroro: Du were never involved in any of them!

Katomomo: No but my brother Giroro was and...
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Narrator: It was a normal Tag at the Hinatas... well as normal as it can get when Du live with alien frogs, either way their some what normal schedule was to be disturbed.

*We pan to see Natsumi and Fuyuki watching tv*

Fuyuki: Hey, have Du noticed that lately its been calm, even Von the sarges standards.

Natsumi: Don't jinx it!


Narrator: He jinxed it.

Fuyuki: What was that?

Natsumi: I don't know, i bet it has to do with the stupid frog, lets go check it out, it sounded like it came from the backyard.

*Natsumi and Fuyuki rush out to the backyard, to find a unconcious blue haired girl crashed...
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Run to me, I'll wave. Happieness and all my love. Turn on me, I'll fall. With my depression and sadness. And with that I have insanity reborn. I hear the people scream, I see them run, I try to say it's not myself but it choaks me on my words. It has full controll of my actions and I can't excape. I will die inside my own head. In my emotions that can't flow out because she's holding them back. They can't go until she's had her fun. And her fun is my demise. My imprisonment. My death. I cant run away. She'll be everywhere and I'll fall to my knees, letting her take controll because I can't...
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Name: Kumimi
Species: Maronian
Rank: Lance Corporal
Gender: Female
Age: Younger than Kumimi, older than Tamama

Kumimi wears an orange headband, have no symbol and the colour of her skin is as same as Pururu's.

She is Beriri's childhood friend, also her best friend. Kumimi was actually a Maronian, but she was banned from Maron because she disobeyed Meru. That's why when she was a chibi, she was about to be destroyed Von Meru, but the aim missed and Kumimi ran away from Maron to Keron. In Keron, Beriri saw her, just like she has been abandoned. Instead of adopting her, Beriri's family just let Kumimi...
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Name: Sutata
Species: Keronian
Rank: Lance Corporal
Gender: Male
Age: Younger than Kumimi, older than Kanana

Sutata has a purple skin, light green headband and yellow, star, sterne eyes. He still have his white face and tadpole tail, and his twin sister, Sunini, is Mehr clumsier than him. Sutata is mostly seen with Sunini, because just like Karara and Chiroro, they stay with the Keroro Platoon for several days just to make trouble and making it even bigger...!

Sutata's name come from the word "Suta", which means star. Sutata have a connection with stars, even he's similar to them! He slices things down with...
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Name: Beriri
Species: Keronian
Rank: Corporal
Gender: Female
Age: Same as Keroro's

Beriri is a Keronian with purple headband that have "horns". Her skin is light green, and her eyes are as same as Keroro's. Her symbol is and up-side-down rosa triangle. She have a white face and tadpole tail, which means she's a young adult.

She's the leader of MAI Platoon. She's also the member of MAI Platoon that visits the Keroro Platoon the most.

As a Chibi she's a childhood friend with Keroro, Giroro, Zeroro, Pururu, Kururu and Kumimi (Kumimi is one of the members of the MAI Platoon).


- Beriri is Kumimi's...
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posted by LuggaaTun
There once was a little dream. No one knows who had dreamt it. It really was such a small dream. Them, one day, the dream thought, "I don't want to disappear. How can I make people dream me?" The little dream thought and thought, and at last had an idea. "Instead of going to them, I will make people come to me. And they will make MY world."

The first ALICE was a gallant red one. Wielding a sword in hand, in the Wonderland. Slicing down everything in her way. She was followed Von a bloody red path.This new ALICE, deep in the woods, was trapped as a wanted fugitive. If it weren't for the red path...
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posted by crazygirl13
Name: Rolulu

Species: Keronian

Rank: Cadet

Looks: He has a burnt orange body, a normal adult Keronian face, his hat is a straw samurai hat, his symbol is a yin yang symbol, across his back is a samurai sword.

Personaitily: He is a kind, respectful, and honorable Keronian who has lived most of his life in the wilderness of Keron with his family to perfect the art of the samurai. He is very reserved because of being in the mountains and is very quiet at times, but with help of Friends he's breaking out of his shell piece Von piece.

Signature Weapon: Katana

Interesting Facts: He actually has a crush...
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posted by Berrican
If you're GiroNatsu fans, don't read this.. Because this is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!

It seems like the maker of Sgt. Frog agreed on KeroNatsu, because I think in episode 195, 2nd story, at the end of the story, we saw 2 KeroNatsu scenes: Keroro and Natsumi got into a background with beautiful scenes. And the 2nd one, Keroro and Natsumi seems like agreed/enjoyed each other because they both says "Right, right, right" while smiling to each other. I don't know if it's right oder wrong, and another message for GiroNatsu fans:


And for KeroNatsu fans:

Du might wanna say this: "So I am right!!!! YAY KERONATSU!!!!!!"

And for other fans... Sorry for the outburst.. Because I am a GiroNatsu Fan too..
Miku: Hi I'm Miku Hatsune and I just landed in some house that has alien frogs and...


Miku: Ok! Sheez...

Narrator: Ahem, so the story so far, a girl named Miku Hatsune who is a vocaloid, landed in the Hinata's backyard ( so nothing new.) But it seems that Mehr are coming.

Miku: I could have done it cuter...

Narrator: SHUT IT!!

Miku: FINE!!!

* we pan to Momoka's mansion to her backyard to find her lovingly looking at a picture she secretly took of Fuyuki*

Narrator: So not stalkerish...

Dark Momoka: SHUT IT oder ELSE!!!!

Narrator: FINE!

* find the irony here*...
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posted by LuggaaTun
Narrator: last time we left off there was a bunch of randomness... i blame the CANS Platoon for being as Zufällig and as crazy as they are... But we left of to Katomomo being locked inside a car... And Luggaa walking into a place that popped up from no where. After Sorere got Katomomo out of a car she locked HERSELF in, she went to look around for Luggaa.

Sorere: Hey, Kululu? Where's your sister?

Kululu: No idea. Keke She seems to want to be as much as forgotten as... Doorknocker?


Sorere: =_=' Thanks anyways...

Narrator: After an Stunde oder so Sorere stumbled apon the maze too apparently......
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posted by crazygirl13
What Merara does not know is that a group of scientists back on Keron genecially enginered her to be the perfect soldier, but before they could put mind control in her to control her, it all exploded and she escaped. Note she was a small baby tadpole ( they wanted to also raise her to be a soldier) when she escaped. Even though they did not get in the mind control, they did put in everything else, like weapon skills, stragegy skills, and many more. After she escaped she fell a sleep on the front lawn of a very nice Keronian couple who adopted her and raised her as their own ( they did not tell...
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posted by LuggaaTun
Luggaa wasn't actually born... She started out as, not a tadpole, but a robot. So she isn't supposed to be real and couldn't even be here if one little thing had changed in Keroro's invasion "plans".

I'll make the long story short. Basically Keroro started to want a girlfriend (Tamama was enraged when he found out) and since any girl wouldn't like him, he got greedy and had Kululu make a robot one. Kululu decided to be a jerk and have Luggaa like someone else instead of Keroro to tick him off.

When Keroro figured this out, he had a plan and it would either destroy them oder get rid of Luggaa....
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posted by LuggaaTun
Name: Luggaa

Rank: Sargent Minor/ Leader

Looks: She fully red, a tadpole face (not a tadpole!), a brown hat.She wears a gürtel like giroro but its on the right side with no middle grey part. Her symbol is two band-aids in an X.

Personility: She is kind and always puts her Friends and platoon first. She's mentally unstable and always needs her meds once a Tag oder else she has two personalities to talk to that no one else can see. Back on Keron she was always mistreated with Merara always kinda Schauspielen like a body gaurd only having to snap her back a Sekunde later to not kill anyone. The only family...
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posted by LuggaaTun
Hey everybody!! It's LuggaaTun and I've been gone for a while now. Blame school and grades. I have been so bored that me and my friend, I'm using her Keronian name here, Sorere, have been creating storys that I shall... can't believe I'm saying this... copy all of it... and Upload it... It may take a while but it will be done!! I promise you!! Well, can't back out now... Just wanted to give everybody an update and tell them I'm still alive!! Yup! I give Du all a wonderful farewell and wish Du all great luck!! I'm hoping that I can atleast continue on here for a while now. But I'm here for entertainment! Smiles too but mostly to entertain!! :3 Yup. Imma nerd. Mehr of a Fan girl but... tch yaaaa... Imma just... stop... typing now... Bye!