Serial Killers What would Du do for 20 million?

seren21 posted on Mar 19, 2009 at 04:16AM
Hypothetically speaking. For entertainment purpose only!

You're a professional hitman. You're offered an extremely high amount of money (say 20 million dollars) to take out a well-connected inmate at a local prison. Catch is, you need to commit a murder, and get caught, to get yourself into the same prison.

Chances are if you're smart enough, you can commit the murder so as not to get life but maybe 10-20 years with the possibility of parole. Like 2nd degree or manslaughter.

It's a guarantee you will recieve your money, and it's a guarantee you will end up in the same prison. It's not a guarantee what your sentence will be. But you're smart!

Would you risk 20 years of your life if you knew there was 20 million waiting for you when you got out?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr SadistAddict77 said…
Where is everyone? Lol
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CuriousCatfish said…
I'd want at least 1 billion dollars. I would take the 20 m if I didn't have to go to jail and could avoid being caught.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr HellsHangman said…
To catfish reply.1st... No one will ever pay someone 1billion to kill someone. 2nd..ur not getting anything bc u don't wanna go to jail. This is a question for someone who would commit a crime to get into prison to kill the hit.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr HellsHangman said…
I would follow someone at random...hit them with my car..make it look like an accident. Maybe get 3 to 5 yrs. Enough to get sent to prison. Then I could kill the hit.