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posted by Scoobert-doo
Like the mystery solving Hunde before me I teamed up with a little lemur named Mort and now we are heading out to figure out the puzzle of the gang's disaperence. We headed out to where I last saw them with my black,cold noise to the ground I sniff around trying to find something. Mr.E told me and the gang this isn't the first time a group of kids had disapered in Crystal Cove and I'm surprised he kept his weird notes ot creepy voice out of this one,But maybe,Just maybe he will Zeigen up later on like he did with the "Ghost trucker" I sure hope not! I found not a thing and the mist is getting thicker and thicker I can't see my own paws. "Mort,we need to leave now...we will check for clues in the morning" Mort's voice sounded shakey "yeah ok..." we left but when we got back to Jones manor we find a note from the one and only Mr. E "who's Mr. E?" Asked mort I gulp down hard I don't want say. "he's a um...someone the gang and I met and told us we were all doomed!" It looked like Mort was going to freak. "DOOMED?!" he starts shaking. Maybe I should of not sagte it! To be continued