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1. School sucks because if Du don't like it, most people automatically think there's something serious wrong with you.

2. School ruins learning. In school, learning is all about memorizing things, answering questions, and Schreiben loads of crap on topics Du don't care about.

3. Because you're forced to go there, and if Du want to try some other alternative, Du need to get parental permission first. School is essentially pointless forced labor without pay.

4. It sucks because people expect Du to treat school as the most important thing in your life. Never mind what you'd rather be doing.

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High school and it sucks
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P= how Du PRENTEND to care
I= intetionally try to make me fall asleep
C= crappy teaching
Y= why are Du a teacher?

TEACHERS R REALLY SUCKISH TIME TO TIME OKAY THAT WAS A LIE ALL THE TIME! they say learning is the best but they shouuldnt lie cuz santa and the tooth fairy are watching them right now! they are definatly getting coal for christmas! sad how teachers get thier license out of a cracker jack box! Kommentar and read leave other articals andf tell freinds bout this awsome club where anyone can talk craqp about Du teachers! its want obama always wanted!