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posted by JennieJackknife
Here are some scene queens:

Aida Kamikaze* 
Alex Ditte*
Lexi Nivine 
Alix Teacup 
Allie Apathetic* 
Amanda Shell 
Amber McCrackin (one of my favorites)* 
Amber Noelle Riedell 
Amor Hilton 
Angelica Murderotic 
Anita K 
Anna Chaosbaby* 
Ariel Davis 
Ashley Curbstomp 
Ashley Sky 
Audrey Kitching (actually not sure anyone is dumb enough to do someone like that) 
Autumn Bottom Leppla 
Ava Ambition 
Ave Deutschland 
Katie Babyfayce* 
Barbie Lux 
Bee Pirate Hooker* 
Bexy Beatdown 
Bonnie Blood 
Brittany Kramer* 
Brittney Lashae 
Brookelle Renee McKenzie Bones (probably...
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posted by JennieJackknife
Brookelle McKenzie is 20 years old and lives in Queensland, Australia. A simple site has led to her the popularity throughout the web and beyond. She became one of the greatest exponents of Scene Queen Style and brand of Skelanimals who loves to be crazy. It 'a sweet girl, solar and loves being in the company and traveling.

Name: Brookelle Renee
Surname: Mckenzie Bones
Birthday: 4 august 1990
Residence: Queensland, Australia
Zodiac: Lion
Guidance: Heterosexual
Profession: Model
Height: 1,75.
Weight: 52 Kg.
Hair: Blacks, long and scaled, but sometimes makes some changes.
Eyes: Blue
posted by JennieJackknife
1.Style your hair like Kiki Kannibal. Kiki was initially famous for her racoon striped hair which itself became beliebt in the 80s. At the moment she is sporting bleached blonde hair in it's place. Recently she has also been seen with golden brown low-lights.
2.Apply your makeup like Kiki Kannibal. Kiki Kannibal has previously mentioned she will be making Videos on how to apply her makeup styles in the near future and turning them into dvds sold on her website:
Apply a small amount of foundation with sponge. Do not use too much but if Du have larger pores Du can always use some foundation primer...
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posted by GoldenGoddess
 me :D
me :D
Hi im Golden Goddess but my name is ileana ppl call me asya (asia) my favortie band is Gorillaz (love them) i like rap Musik and pop and punk nobody really gets me cause im mysterious i really dont care what ppl say about me cause Du know who cares? sometime i can find myself being insurecure about myself but i look at the bright side i laugh for unkown reason im loveable and hugable like a teddybear :) im Du know im a scene Queen my Favorit song is OnMelancholy hügel i can draw i Liebe Singen and and Schauspielen foolish i can be childish sometimes i can be mean if ppl get me to that point i hate fake ppl i Liebe real ppl (lol) i can your bestie friend if Du let me im quite the handful sadly sorriwee i like Schauspielen slow but im really smart (A,B STUDENT) i hate that when i try to do somthin i end up failing :( but i never give up :) so that's it really