Was Scabior wearing Hermione's scarf in Part 2?

Does anyone know if in Scabior's appearances in part 2, he still was wearing Hermione's scarf? A lot of people think he was (mainly Scabior/Hermione shippers), and a lot of people sagte that he had a new scarf. Does anyone know the real answer? I can't seem to find any super awesome high quality Fotos of him in Part 2 to check myself. XD
 -Alohomora- posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Scabior Antwort

KateKicksAss said:
I read somewhere that yes, he was, and apparently he died in Hermione's scarf.

Sad, I know. You'd think he'd have found time to get a new scarf, hopefully one that WASN'T pink.....O.o
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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