Sasuke and Naruto Sasuke

biba123 posted on Nov 19, 2011 at 12:56AM
is sasuke ever going to retreat from the dark side and be good again??? :/

Sasuke and Naruto 2 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr mai3uchiha said…
He's been swallowed up by his hatred and everyone has given up.
Naruto with the help of Itachi will save him, believe it!!
 yyyyeeeeeessssssssss!!!!!! He's been swallowed up Von his hatred and everyone has gegeben up. Naruto w
Vor mehr als einem Jahr olivia8970 said…
Well i feel the same way you do.But sadly Naruto has to help Sauske going more deeper inside the darkness ALONE.( SORRY GUYS, 1ST PART OF THIS SENTENCE IS SPOILER) Since Itachi is dead nobody can help him. Everyone wants him dead...even Sakura. BUT!!!!!! I still think Naruto can do that alone because he DEFEATED PAIN ALONE!!! SO EVERYONE HOPE FOR SASUKE TO COME BACK...but it will feel so wierd if Sasuke comes back...with that gloomy look..but it will aslo be wierd if he is dead...well Naruto is DEFINATLY going to live forever to give the ninja world peace and become the hockage. DONT WORRY EVERYONE SOON IT WILL BE JUST LIKE IT WAS WHEN SASUKE WAS IN TEAM 7..except naruto will be hockage, ANYWAYS SOON THE CLOUDS WILL LEAVE SASUKE`S HEART, BEILIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!