Sarah Michelle Gellar SMG Mania

kathiria82 posted on Sep 20, 2007 at 08:01PM
Lets play a game, how much do you know about SMG?


1. Ask a question about SMG and the next person to answer will ask the next question and so on.

2. Please ask questions you know the answer to.

3. Have fun!

I'll start:

On which show did SMG first appear?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
Invasion Of Privacy well actually that was her first movie when she was like four her first show was the tv series Spenser:For Hire but she did alot of commericals before that:)

How long was SMG in All my children 1992-?

Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathiria82 said…
She actually joined in 1993 and left in 1995. :(

How many times has she hosted Saturday Night Live?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
Ah i thought it was 1993 aswell! but sed 1993 on wikipedia ah well she hosted Saturday Night Live 3 times i think she has ben on it more then 3 times though like making guest apperances :)

In 2000 SMG was in a music video what was the band called?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathiria82 said…
Stone Temple Pilots

What other soap opera has she been in?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
Hehe yeah:) she was awesome in that video! Erm another soap opera she was in is Swans Crossing.

Which Sabrina the teenage witch actress is one of Sarahs best friends and was her bridemaid when she got married?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathiria82 said…
Lindsay Sloane

For what did she win an Emmy and in what category?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
She won a daytime emmy for All my children in the Outstanding younger leading actress in a drama series catagory

Name 2 charity organizations that SMG is involved with
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathiria82 said…
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Where was she married?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
In mexico

What film role Did SMG turn down because the filming was in scotland and she wanted to stay with Freddie because he had work in the USA and wouldnt be able to leave with her
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathiria82 said…
Wow, that is one detailed question and I can't find the answer to it. Ask something else please. =)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
Its Stardust it looks like a really good film aswell shame she couldnt be in it :( Erm another question....

Sarah Michelle Gellar was a spokewoman for maybelline from 1999 til when?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathiria82 said…
I only know she signed the contract in 1999 but I'm going to say it ended in 2001.

What is her favorite food?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
Sushi :)

What is Sarah's next movie to be released