Sarah Michelle Gellar Why do u Liebe SMG so much?;)

Angie22 posted on May 05, 2008 at 03:55PM
I love her cause she is sooo cute,sweet and I think she is good actress.I love watching her movies;)Oh and I love her all photoshoots-Sarah is pretty,sexy and amazing!I love her photoshoot from " Rolling Stone" 1998 .This is still fresh,awesome and cool!I think she is very nice as privat person cause when i'm watching interviews with her she is natural,sweet,fiendly and cute;) She is a Star but she is not conceited,capricious like other actress.She is THE BEST! SMG RULEZZZ!

Why do u love her?

P.S.- I hope that u understand me ;) I'm still learning english;)

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr SunnydaleGirl said…
I understand you and totally agree she is very beautiful and extremly talented i love everything about her and am so proud to call her my idol =D