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posted by botdfsgtc
mr radke a handsome yet smart cute singer and oder song writer was kicked out of sucsessful band [ETF] but now iz in a even Mehr sucsessful band FALLING IN REVERSE this band iz a great band i have thier cd already and i hope to get every one they record in the near of far future ronnie is a crazy spontanius dude who iz awsum ronnie iz a man i look up too so much i mean i would cry if i met him i know wow she would cry but Von crying i mean having a epic Fan girl moment like over excited but i probly will never get to meet him so well i have SEVERL picks of him SEVERL i think im a stalker i duuno
posted by psychorocker
It all started when Max was being threaten Von these people and of course Ronnie and Max known each for like nine damn years. Ronnie and Max are like brothers therefore when Ronnie found out that Max was being threaten he attended this fist fight. Ronnie was also being threaten Von these haters.Well, when he was at the scene of the fist fight Ronnie had only four people in his group including himself. The other group had TWELVE people big difference right?!!When he got there some guy took out a GUN and shot it and somebody in Ronnie group took the gun from the that person and three Mehr shot...
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