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If Rock Lee was a pokemon trainer, what pokemon do Du think he'd have on his pokemon team? Why?

I think he'd definitely have a hitmonlee (I'm not sue if that's how Du spell it). It's a fighting type and it's also rather cute. I just think he'd really suit one. It even has 'lee' at the end of it's name! :D
 ImAnEasel posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Rock Lee Antwort

suzyisbrute said:
For some reason heres how I see it.

Rock Lee: (Any rock oder leaf type pokemon probably Bonsai!)

Naruto: Pikachu/9 tails.

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
Woohoo, I got an answer for my question!! 8D Thank you. And yes, you're probably right, that is plausible. XP
ImAnEasel posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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