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posted by Mindless_Luv
-The Weiter Day-
Roc: *wakes up* ♪♪Tonight im gonna dance for you♪♪
Tori: *wakes up* ?????
Roc: ♪♪Im gonna put my body on your body girl I Liebe it when Du watch me♪♪
Tori: Im already watching
Roc: *turns around* AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Tori: Did Du not want me to watch?
Roc: Nahhh Du good
Roc and Tori: *laughs*
Prince: *rolls eyes*
Roc: Im gonna go take a dusche cause I stank!
Tori: *Laughs* ok
Roc: *goes in shower*
Ray: *whisper* Tori want somr waffles?
Tori: *whispers* Yeah Leggo
strahl, ray and Tori go to the kicthen
Tori: I can't reach it!!!!!
Ray: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Tori: Du finna to get them for me???...
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posted by hellobabby23
Hey Fans of MB, like serious come on now wood u rather hav Prodigy do u in the bed, oder Princeton the reall cutie of MB bang u hard and make u go Home beggin 4 Mehr like and wat bout Rayray and RocRoyal. first thing about Roc he has big gooo MMMMMMMMMMMMM good lips that u wanna KISS alday his big thick juicey lips girls pay attention on those lips cuz thats the only thing comin from him oder maybe Mehr LOL :-). oooooo talk about strahl, ray he's da one u wanna joke around wit, but also u never kno he might be hot in da bett never kno ok the for now
hi im hello babby23 look me up on Fanpop any Fragen bout MB and i will answer.
Frage bout Mb; if u ever saw mb at the mall wat wood u do wood u talk wit oder wood u grab one of them and ask to do it in the bathroom?
posted by Mindless_Luv

Roc: What is it!!!
Mary: Yall gotta kiss
Tori: Ohhhh heck to the no!!!!!
Prince: Du know Du want to KISS him
Tori: No I dont
Prince: Now wasn't Du tryna KISS him at that party
Tori: SHUT UP!!!!
????: *walks in room*
Tori: Who is that
????: I'ts just me Diggy
Diggy: *helps them out closet*
Tori: Thanks
Diggy: I don't like you....
Tori: Then why would Du help me out the closet
Diggy: Cause I want to use your comb now where is????
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 Dominiques nighty night outfit
Dominiques nighty night outfit
Recap-u and Roc got in a fight over little things he picked u up&carried u to y'all house and slammed the door shut
he tryna apoligize to u

Roc:*throws u on couch&sits ontop of you*
Domo:ow not like dat
Domo:it ain't dat funny big meany
Roc:u still mad at me
Domo:*pout face&crosses arms*yes i am
Roc:Domo baby
Roc:u know i Liebe u rite
Domo:yes i do
Roc:and u know i wouldn't do anything to hurt u but i did and i'm sorry*head down*will u forgive me
Domo:*thinks*lifts head up&kisses forehead and lips*
Roc:i take dat as a yes huh
Domo:*nods head yes*but get off me
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posted by mzprinceton54
Where is mrs. right i gotta find her her
where is mrs. right i gotta see her travel all across the world jus 2 meet her gett get get me on a flight i gotta see her travel all across the world jus 2 meet her travel 2 l.a. maybe 2 da bucht from da chi-town but she might be out the states book a flight 2 London book a flight 2 france cn we go 2 swizrland cn we hit Japan light skinned dar dark skinned long hair dnt kllem if yo hearts in it lookin 4 my mrs enough 2 drive me insane matter fact ayo prodigy sang hoppin on a plane comin straight 2 yall in tokyo we say konichiwas off the Wand London in...
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That night, Roxanne was outside. She was still thinking about Charlie. Charlie appeared.
Charlie: Why are Du outside?
Roxanne: Was just thinking about you.
Charlie: Oh. I gotta tell Du something.
Roxanne: What?
Charlie: Du know that Du have super powers?
Roxanne: Yea.
Charlie: You're not're an angel.
Roxanne: An angel?
Charlie: Yes.
Roxanne: Are Du sure?
Charlie grabbed her hand.
Roxanne: What Du doing?
Charlie: Just watch.
Charlie and Roxanne disappeared. They appeared on the clouds.
Roxanne: I must be dreaming....
Charlie: You're not.
Roxanne touched her back, and felt Angel – Jäger der Finsternis wings....
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* Phone convo*

Yn: hello

Roc: Hey babe Du busy tonight

Yn: no why???

Roc: I wanted to know if Du wanna walk on the beach.

Yn: awe romantic I will Liebe that what time.??

Roc: 7

Yn: no prob bye hun

Roc: bye

Yn pov

Me: rosa dress no

Croped oben, nach oben with skinny jeans no

Shorts with sweater and tank oben, nach oben with converse

Gold earings nope

Silver hopes yes


Beep beep

Me: he's here


Roc: Hey sexy

Yn: *blushing*

Roc: Du ready

Yn: yh

When they arrive......

They couldn't stop talking they went to a Süßigkeiten store
rides and more.

. * when they arrive home.......

They watch Filme talk Mehr laugh
and they had Mehr special...
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One Tag my sister and cusin were listening to a song named my girl Von mindless behavoir (group members prodigy,roc royal ,ray strahl, ray ,and Princeton ) I listen and I like the song but I googled all the members First prod than princ the strahl, ray than for last roc they were all cute but roc royal was the cutest and I was 8 And I dreamed about him and Hey was just the Liebe of my life and and …………im still in Liebe with him♥♥♥♥♥♥
 Fiona's outfit
Fiona's outfit
Three weeks later.....
Roxanne: Dang! Kenzie's not coming 2 the Weihnachten party.
Jazmine: Why?
Roxanne: Cuz she has 2 go 2 a family vacation.
Jazmine: Well at least Alley and Charlie's coming.
Roxanne: And Nicole...
Jazmine: Who?
Roxanne: She's a girl I invited. Be nice!
Jazmine: I will!
They changed into some clothes
Jazmine: link
Roxanne: link
Jazmine: K! What today it is?
Roxanne: December 14th
Jazmine: Good! I'm going 2 meet Trey at the park!
Roxanne: Okay. I'm going ice-skating with Alley.
They left the house.
At the park.....
Roc: Shit! Its cold out here.....
Jazmine: I'm here....
Roc: Baby! *hugging her*...
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Chapter : " He Like's Me ... No They Like Me "


1 Week Later ...

TassyPooh's POV ,

Me and Roc are talking on the phone right now , he keeps on asking me to come to this fancy abendessen with the boys , but I'm kinda scared because of what I did to that girl and they got mad at me , I know Roc isn't mad , but I don't know if the boy's are still mad at me . Well I hope they aren't I smiled . " Pooh , so will Du come , ? " Roc begged , " I don't know Rocky , are they mad at me , ? " I asked , " Tassy , I keep telling Du NO ! , they even want Du to come...
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posted by mzprinceton54
 Tassy was wearin thiis!
Tassy was wearin thiis!
Tassy:cmon nae were gonna be late!(btw im Tassy!)
Nae:im comin
Tassy:not 2 fastly!*start the car up*
Nae:icnt belive we are at the mb concert!*walkin in 2 the concert*
Tassy:ikr *liddo scream*
SM:(stage man)r u ready 4 mindless behavior!
Fans:*screaming loudly*
Nae:look at princeton hes so cute!
Tassy:i Liebe yu roc *he makes a herz at her*
Nae:princeton i Liebe yu*he makes a herz at her *
Narroter:its after the konzert and Tassy n Nae was gonna leave but roc royal caught them and told them 2 follow him
Nae: where is he takin us?!?
Tassy: wait i think hes takin u back stage! she whispered
Roc royal: Hey so we caught yu guys so we cn hang out!
part 2 comin soon!=)
 Nae was weari thiis!
Nae was weari thiis!
posted by its_kristi_rae
Today was such a dull day. It was storming really bad today. Every time Du look outside lightening strikes scaring Du to death. And then a loud boom of thunder would shake you. It seemed like every Stunde that passed it got darker outside. And of course you're highly afraid of the dark. What makes it even worse is that Roc wanted Du to watch Dracula, the scariest movie of all. Luckily Du had Roc there to keep Du safe. Du were curled deep into Roc's arm. Roc got up to fix him something to drink. Weird this is though he went outside. And Du could have sworn Du heard a cat scream. but you...
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posted by tyethugginhard
.......Taja and her friend Tamara are going to the meet nd greet today...

Taja: Tamara look at Roc sexy ass
Tamara: Yeah yeah were is prince?
Taja: Over there witt Prod
Taja: Tamara WTF Du yellin 4 he aint listenin to aint his only Fan here Du no.
Tamara: He comein overe here aint he.....okay then.
Princeton:Hey.....what did Du want beautiful...whats your name?
Tamara: umm My name is tamara and i just wanted to tell you....umm....Hi is that tha best thing Du can think of...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
They walked inside the bus.
Roxanne: DAMN!!! This place is huge!
Prince: Knew Du was gonna say that.....
Roc: Who's watching the triplets?
Jazmine: Alley is.
Roc: Oh...
Somebody knocked on the bus...
Roxanne: the hell Du want!
????: Roxanne? Jazmine
Jazmine: Who is this
????: Your sister....
Jazmine: That's funny, cuz i DON"T have a sister.
????: Just let me in!
Roxanne: Fine!
She opened the door.
????: My name is Jessica.
Roxanne: OMG!
Jeniel: She kinda looks like you....
Roxanne: It's like as if y'all twins....
Jessica: We are.
Roxanne: How Du know?
Jessica: Is your father name Robbie?
Jazmine: Yeah?
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 Drew Brown
Drew Brown
Recap-After Domo(You)and Roc got FREAKY DEAKY on us(Iamoo)y'all took all asses to sleep........smh(nastee asses)

Next Day......
Roc:Hey Wake up*waking u up*Domo Babiee
Domo:30 Mehr hours plz*puts kissen over face*
Roc:*jumps on u*
Domo:*jumps up*oww!!!!!!!!!!!boii why u do dat
Roc:bcoz it's time to wake up and get readii 4 ur concert
Domo:Roc Royal
Domo:u know what
Domo:i sagte the konzert ddnt start till like 7:00 till 8:30 nigga
Roc:but ur outfits and sht
Domo:if i get up will u get out and close the door
Roc:*smirks*okaii*gets up&leaves room*
Domo:juss 2 easy*falls back 2 sleep*
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 Roc's outfit
Roc's outfit
the story doesn't really really have this much characters nobody is in the story there just some fake name and ages and this shows how true Liebe gets bad&comes back with loving......hope u'll enjoy it:)!

Roc Royal:16
Dominique:15(you a.k.a Domo)

In living room watching t.v

Domo:Rocy can we watch 4 better oder worse*grabs remote control 4rm his lap*
Roc:umm...hell tf no*snatches remote 4rm her hand*
Domo:ow!!! nigga u scratched my finger with ur long arsch nails
Roc:Lamoo sorry
Domo:stop being rough like dat
Roc:okaii u rough anyway*cuts on t.v 216&prego are u fucking kidding me lol*
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If Du was dating Prodigy from mindless behavior and Du was making out with ROC royal and prodigy cought y'all wat would Du do if prodigy sagte Du had to pick ROC royal and Du picked......

Then Princeton came and sagte pick him then strahl, ray strahl, ray came in front of Du and kissed Du and sagte no pick him would Du be faithful and stay with prodigy oder switch it up and pick........

Find out the rest on my blog www.keep it real for ever.
It was June, Jazmine was 6 months prego.
One morning.......
Roxanne: Finally! Its summer
Jazmine: I cant wait 4 this thing 2 get out of here!
Roc: Dont be like that.
Jazmine: If it was a girl, its name will be Mikayla.
Roc: If it was a boy, it will be a jr.
Roxanne: For the girl, I perfer Maria.
Prince: I agree with Roc.
Alley: I want it 2 be triplets.
Roc: NO!!!!!
Jazmine: Anyway, Im throwing a baby-shower.
Roxanne: Is that appropiate?
Kenzie: I don't think so....
Jazmine: Shut up! Rox, you'll invite the guests
Roxanne: K.
Jazmine: Kenzie, Du pick the place 2 have it.
Kenzie: No problemo
Jazmine: Alley, you...
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Hello , ♥

Chapter : " I See Du Again "


Roc's POV ,

Today the boy's and I decided to go to the park , because there's a basketball court there . The boys and I got ready put on our basketball shorts and white tank tops . We headed out & started walking to the park , we saw alot of cute girls , Roc didn't even care , that's good though it's nice to know that . We reached the basketball court and started playing basketball .

Tassy's POV ,

Today I was going to go for a walk at the park , I wanted to look casual , nothing special , I walked to...
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One Tag Du were over your best friend, Jacob's house, when the doorbell rung. A few Sekunden later Jacob opened the door, there stood the one and only Chresanto August from the boy band Mindless Behavior. When Chresanto walked into the living room, he sat Weiter to Du and sagte "Hey, (your name)!!!", and then Du shyly sagte "Hi, Chresanto." Without looking at him, then Jacob came in the room looking awkward. A few Minuten later Jacob asked "So...Why did Du come over without letting me know Du were coming?", "Came over un-invited because I needed to talk to Du about something. " Chresanto said, then Jacob asked "OK Then...So what did Du have to talk to me about? ", the Weiter thing Du know Chresanto looked Du and whispered something in Jacob's ear. To Be Continued...

Should I keep going oder nahhhhhh?