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Look everybody i`m trying a new story so here it goes
I was walking in school when i bumped into somebody
Me:o my gosh i`m so sorry
????:it`s kool but what`s ur name
????:Well i`m Jacob
Me:wait u look just like me
Jacob:no u look like me
Then i called my mom
Mom:what Du want niya
Me:do i have a brother
Mom:ya his name is jacob he is your twin
Me:ma why Du ain`t tell me
Mom:i don`t know he had to be adopted
Me:well i just met him
Mom:hope Du 2 get along bye babygirl
Me:bye mommy
Phone Convo over
Me:well Jacob u must be new to this school
Jacob:yea i am can u Zeigen me around
Me:well youhave...
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