Robert Downey Jr. I must make an awful fan. :p

NaomI1036 posted on May 09, 2010 at 09:46PM
I can only answer 17 of 26 questions right?
I suck.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kathleen951015 said…
big smile
Some of the questions are difficult if that is any consolation...:) I'm sure your love for Robert compensates for your lack of answers, I know mine does sometimes. :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NaomI1036 said…
I guess that's ok but I suppose a die-hard fan would have watched all his movies. I'm just very glad that there's a hottie in the acting community who's close to my age. I saw IronMan2 with my kids on Mom's day. LUV my kids for that gift!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XChatterbox14x said…
no i don't think u are an awful fan. I believe what makes a great RDJ fan is your love for RDJ , not a bunch of questions & how many you anwser correctly.
U are an amazing fan like the rest of us who love him xx