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Carloshll726 posted on Jun 07, 2018 at 12:24AM
Hi, folks, I'm new on Fan Pop! Let me get right to the point! I have a dream! The future of the music industry says, "Hollywood celebrity tribute CDs!" The finest new and classic music! Like, I fantasize about the Alyssa Reid hit, "Running Guns," being on Robert Downey's 1st tribute CD! Imagine the great photography and art on your favorite celebrity's tribute CD! We need to spread the word, talk to the right people so that Hollywood celebrity tribute CDs can happen! Please, post your fantasy musical-picks for Robert Downey's tribute! Don't post anything negative! Robert Downey Jr. rocks! Thanks!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr sweetlady982002 said…
Have you ever thought about making a music cd about RDJ? I can suggest that you should make a list of your favorite love song(s) about RDJ.

Sweet Lady

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