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posted by hiddennobodie
It’s been 11 years since the Raccoon City Incident and the whole world started to die do to the T-Virus. The plants are dead the lakes are dried up and the Essen is low because of the infected creatures like the Hunde and crows. And a group of survivors struggles to survive.
My name is Bowen Blaze, but my Friends call me Bo for short. I am one of the rare survivors of Raccoon City. I turned eight on October 1st, 1998. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was on my way to school when a black car stopped my bus…well I think Du can guess what happened next.
Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield...
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All Twitter accounts listed are official and verified and are the best way to keep up! :)

Milla Jovovich
She Updates ALL the time about whats going on!

Sienna Guillory
Doesnt update every Tag but usually shares a lot when she does.

Ali Larter
Hasnt officially been confirmed to be in the movie yet, but im sure she'll post something soon.

Boris Kodjoe
Just confirmed for Retribution here!

Colin Salmon
Just confirmed as well here! If Du all cant remember who he played in the first film he was One, the leader.
posted by ladylyric_812
"By what?!" I asked letting go of her slowly.
"When I woke up, I put on my regular clothes. Then I saw the waiting room crowded, and The doctors caught me sneaking away. They tried to stop me but Von the time I got outside, Buildings were on fire, People were packing their bags and leaving, People were still fleding from the streets and then before I new it, they were all gone." She started.
"Gone how?" I asked.
"They were dead but then somehow they came back to life. And they were sick and I mean They chased me up down the street. Then I found a safe, sicher place, but there was a dog. There was nothing...
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posted by ladylyric_812
"Look... I don't know how you're the only one alive here and how Du managed to follow me but it Du don't get me out these cuffs, I will..."
"You'll what?" Leon sagte putting his gun away.
"You know what? I don't know who the hell Du are, and Du don't either. Now if you'll let me go Du don't have to worry about me and I sure won't give two loads of crap for me okay?" I Debated.
He didn't say anything after that. He just kept stringing me along with him. I started to get Mehr upset with because the Mehr he directed me, the he kept tearing Nickole and I away from each other. Then we came across...
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posted by ladylyric_812
As I awaken in the hallway, I start to regain part of my memory. I looked up to see blood splattered on the walls and glass lying on floor beside me while there aren't any patients to be found. I brushed my myself off as I sat up and layded against the with weak legs. I slightly turned my head hesitantly to the left and Nothing couldn't be Mehr sickening.
"Oh my lord!" I shreiked as I scooted back to the other wall. It was the corpse of the doctor that I saw when I searched for Nickole. He reeked of dried blood, his shoulder blade was chewed up and drenched in blood. It made me sick to stomach....
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posted by ladylyric_812
"This is Rena Rodriguez reporting from Oscar J. Harlington Science meuseum in Blank City. There has been mysterious where abouts of this quiet, historic attraction. ! person seemed to have started some sort of riot which lead to the victoms coming up missing! I am here with the mayor to discuss this situation." The reporter says as I'm listening to the t.v. as I wash my face in the bathroom.

My name is Katherine Herison. I moved to Blank city a few weeks Vor for my new job for the FBI. There has been mysterious happenings in a city near Von so they put this voodoo crap all on me. I think my...
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posted by fandomglory
shmarticle here is this thing it probably has zombies hide in it. Stop Lesen it oder something bad could happen. Checkk under ur bett the watchful eye of sauron is probably watching Du but don't close the door so your cat can get in for snuggles cause it's bett time nerds and this is how we do it

when we wake up the zombies are still out wailing and eating all about. But here we are just watching agents of shield. Drinking coffee just me sauron TMNT and a sweet kitty.

this Artikel is pretty long now I can't decide weather to call it a rhyme a poem a rap oder the intro to an Anime

But none of those are options so I Fan fiction is the way.
posted by ladylyric_812
I can't stand the sight of blood. Which is why I sat there like a crackhead in an akward silence. But then we were on hte Bewegen after it all though. This was when I stopped playing games.
"Any Luck?" I asked looking around for the keys.
"No, but We still have a few Mehr places to check." Leon answered wandering around a bit.
"Well can't we just teilt, split up?" I asked.
"Never teilt, split up if Du want the whole group to stay alive. And Du might want to look for something to use as a weapon, If something happens then..."
"It's pretty obvious that some jerk already screwed everything up. So what if we need...
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I fell into a Liebe trance, which soon got disturbed Von the loud noises of footsteps coming closer to the door. Jill grabbed my hand and promptly drew me into the cupboard and shut the doors. It stint of iron and almost made me sick. I couldn't see Jill because of the darkness, but sensing her there was just enough to make me fall into a trance again!
I heard the door open and the trampling footsteps.
"I'm sure I heard it, sir! I could've sworn I heard a door open, I'm sure of it!" I overheard a small but certain voice say.
"Ah! We have no time for your stupid mistakes! We need to find the woman...
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posted by johnsgirlalways
I always thought that a Resident evil animated Zeigen would be great...Kinda like the Devil May Cry series. I just found out that they are making a animated movie and it is coming out this year. It is going to be called Resident Evil Degeneration oder Resident Evil Finding Necro....It is suppose to be filled with great Animation and a new story line.Please let the story stay true to the game.I really hope it is good..Please no Alice...I just hope it's not a let down..Here's the link link
Let me know what Du think and what Du would like to see in the movie.
As we all know, the Resident Evil games have amazing stories. It seems that G4TV is doing another Videogame Deathmatch, and this time it is about stories.

Resident Evil 4 is going up against Diablo 2, and it needs all the help it can get.

Here is a link to the Videogame Deathmatch homepage:


And here is the link to Resident Evil 4’s battle against Diablo 3.


Jill walked beside me slowly and quietly, hoping that our footsteps wouldn't be heard. We had to keep quiet so we wouldn't get caught Von Umbrella. Yes, they were here. A surprise, Du may think, but under the circumstances we had to hide from them. They weren't willing to talk. They're mission was plain and simple: to kill all S.T.A.R members. They didn't want anyone killing their zombies, so they decided to destroy them all. And they were not human, that's for sure. Me and Jill have seen them. orange and black veins running across their hands, black sunglasses which are never took off and...
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"That's propostrous!", we heard a british man shout behind the door,"Never before have I hard such nonsense. There is no way that I was connected with the T-Virus incident! How dare Du try to pin the blame on me! I suggest Du get out of my house! I'm a busy man, I have no time for the likes of you!"
I peeped through the crack of the door and was just able to see a fat, smartly-dressed man standing behind his schreibtisch and three people dressed in leather. That was Umbrella, but not all of them. There was about seven oder eight more.
The leader stepped vorwärts-, nach vorn and quickly grabbed the british man's...
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posted by ladylyric_812
Everything is just a nightmare I can't wake up from, A web I can't escape. Some crazy dude tried to maul me! For all I know, my sister might be dead, and my Home might be in ruins! When I ran back to my place from the meuseum bombing, I saw the krankenwagen taking my sister away to the hospital. She had cuts, she was covered in soot, and her forhead was bleeding. Not only that, the apartment caught on fire... How many times is something gonna be caught on fire!? I had to help...
"Nikki!?" I cried? "What the hell is going on!? What happened to my sister?" I asked shuttering.
"Are a resident of Whispering...
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posted by residentevil47
I was awake it was a cold stormy night i was wondering what i was doing in a prison cell it was dark i couldint see when someone lit a candle it was a man he said"Your a prisoner dont try to escape Du will be eaten Von are sicurity zombies HAHAHAHA!!!"I asked "Where am I?"he said"Where does it look like this is a umbrella prison island your are prisoner along with someone else."I said"Thats it only 2 people for a whole island?"he sagte "Yes Du and the other one in your cell."I looked and i couldnt believe my eyes "WESKER Du YOUR WITH UMBRELLA WHY WOULD THEY LOCK Du UP WITH ME!!!?"He said"yes...
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posted by residentevil47
I was stunned to see that so many people were dieing in the news paper we were warned to stay inside at night and shut the windows and lock our doors but that wont stop me from going to my night job which was being a sicuirity guard 11:00P.M to 5:00A.M our boss which is the person we were protecting was rich and famous but never told us what we were supposte to protect us from it was like he was paying us for free yah us me and my friend Jacob we never realy talked oder hang out but we knew we had each other back if anything happenend i knew Jacob spent alot of time at the jym.Our boss sagte soon we will do our jobs that we will get some action Jacob looked happy i felt sad that i was going to have to finaly have to work but good things dont last forever.I asked who are we going to have to protecting from?he said"you ask to many Fragen but ill tell Du one thing im in trouble with a company called umbrella Du atleast deserve that much information"
posted by ladylyric_812
"So what are Du guys up to now?" Claire asked as we walked in our small group to the Ammuntion Shop called 'The ammunation'.
"We're all gathering weapons and tools at The Ammunation." I answered.
"I'm Claire Redfeild. Nice too meet you." See extended her hand and she smiled a bit.
All I did was look at her like she obviously hasn't been forgiven yet. I mean I didn't want to be mean at look at her like she was dumb but I kind of didn't fully trust her. I obviously thought that if she was a friend of Leon's friends, then must be screwed up in the head. Nickole is sometimes paranoid about various...
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