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Good news ladies and gentlemen!
Brian Jacques Autor of Redwall Bücher is publishing a new book!


This is the 20th story that Brian has ever written!
Suchen online and check how much he has written!
If Du are a true Redwall Series will fight around the bookstore just to get this awesome story!

Just to let Du all know...Doomwyte is pronounce as "doom white"
So that way Du won't make a mistake in the bibliothek when Du look for the book!

I'm not sure,but this story is about villans from Redwall abbey.The leader is named:Ravenwhyte.

Beware travler of the Doomwhytes....
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posted by Coffeeuser
I was furious. My ship was gone. All gone! Burned to a bloody crisp Von that fox…Skalrag. I ranted and raved and threatened him. All the while, he just stood there with an expression of fear plastered across his goofy face. How would he like it if someone burned up his ship?

Skalrag was pleading for his life as I went to take another look at me poor ship. The fuchs was afraid and rightfully so. There were so many things I could do to punish him…I could easily impale my spear through his slender body. I was sure that I could find several of me shipmates who would jump at the chance to do it....
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I found this on Youyube. It was made Von kainthegreat. I don't own anything.
This song just reminded me of the Long Patrol for some reason. I was in the car and it was on. and part of it made me think of Rockjaw Grang and Lieutenant Morio with the bravery that cost them their lives. *bows head*
long patrol
Bon Jovi