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Its been atleast 2 weeks after Du helped strahl, ray get his new girlfriend and he hasnt talked to Du since then. Du cried yourself to sleep almost every night because Du couldnt stand the fact that strahl, ray was happy with another girl but Du knew he had every right to be. Du missed seeing him and talking to him but Du knew that all of that would change after he got a GF but Du didnt want it to just stop. Tonight, strahl, ray promised that he would go see a movie with Du and to catch up on some things since he hasnt talked to Du for awhile.
You were at the movie theatre waiting for strahl, ray but Du didnt see...
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Ok I'm going to try to make it longer so yeah . Niyah pov next.

Niyah pov:

~After school~

School was over and I ask Roc Frage he got mad tho but calm down and sagte "could I tell leah and Kyle" I ask . Got off my bett and sagte “ARE Du NUT!!! Wanna get me killed" he sagte . I was so piss that I yelled back“ Well Their My Friends I Tell Them Every thing" he hates to be yelled I do to but he's pretty angry so I backed up I was pretty scared. “Chris calm down" Weiter thing I know it went BLACK

Roc pov: OMG noo she will kill me and I would die .......again ill just wait to she wakes up.

Leah pov:...
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