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Du and strahl, ray are at the arcade

you: dang strahl, ray hurry up aren't Du done eating

(you turn around and strahl, ray grabs 3 big cinnamon rolls and has 1 stuffed in his mouth)

you:Ray Rayyyyy

Ray: ughhhhh fine let's go play so I can beat you

you: what makes Du think Du gonna win. lets just say if I win I'm choosing what movie we watching

Ray: and if I win Du have to buy me as many cinnamon rolls and Donuts and waffeln as I want

you: fine we're playing ski ball Du ready

(Ray stuffed a cinnamon roll in his mouth that he hid in hid pocket)

you: what strahl, ray I told Du to get rid of that

ray: opps oh Hey look I'm winning...
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posted by RayRaybabii2467
Brianna'a POV
He just kissed me...... it's like my lifed just flashed before my eyes. Randy:did Du like the kiss?? Me:yeah.... i loved it(smiles) Randy:so Du wanna stay with me for the night?? Me:i dont know i dont wanna get in trouble when i go Home tommorrow. Randy:well do Du want me to walk Du Home at least?? Me:sure. So randy starts walking me home. Randy:you know i would never say something like that right???? Me:yeah... i guess i learned my lesson... never believe what comes out of your enemy's mouth(laughing) Randy:lesson learned(laughs)So we get to my house. Randy:see Du in school...
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posted by rayrayrox
Du and strahl, ray had been bestfriends since Du were about 9 years old. Du guys always did everything together and he always made sure that Du and him kept in contact when he went on tours. Being Friends with someone for 9 years is such a long time and its kind of hard for Du not to catch feelings for that person. Well, thats exactly what Du did. Even though Du were scared to tell him, you’ve always liked strahl, ray from Tag one but Du figured that Du were’nt “his type”. It was a couple days after they finished the #1 Girl Tour and Du and strahl, ray were at your house alone catching up on some...
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posted by RayRaycutie
*at wedding coming in l8*
mom-*runng towards me n slaps me*
me-im sorry i got lockd in a closet
mom-*slaps me again* stop lyng! where were u?!
me-i was helpng sumone study 4 a test 2mrw
mom-4get about being smart Mariah! ur not going 2 collage n if u dnt shut up, Josh is gnna make sure u do!
me-yes ma'am
me-*walks ovr n helps her*

ray(at Home layng on his bed)
roc-dude! get up! its time 4 abendessen we hvn tacos
ray-ill be dwn there
roc-?! ray, tacossss
ray-i knwwwww
roc-wats rong with u?! ur not...
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posted by RayRaycutie
at home
???-btch where the h3ll hav u been?!
me-i was at school!
???-no i mean u sneek out evrynight!!!! where 2?!
me-i go 2 chrystal's house
me-mom y dnt u trust me?!
mom-dnt u giv me tht tone! u knw wat! giv me ur fone!
me-no! i pay 4 ths fone n evrythng else in here cuz u dgad about wat i do!
mom-*comes ovr n puches me*
me-*hides in my pain*
me-owwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes 2 studio*
???-hey ur mom do somethn?
me-u hav no idea!
???-tell me about it
me-mkay *we sit dwn* randy i gtta ask u somethn
me-do u hav a good family?
ray-me? my dad? h3ll no.
me-but u sagte he teaches...
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