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posted by RayRaycutie
me-*on bett cryng*
???-omg Ri!!!!!!
me-go away Rockie!!!!!
rock-im ur big sister! i cant go away! y wont u tlk 2 me?!
me-becuz he's back!!!!
rock-did tht little b*st*rd do sumin 2 u?!-he did im gnna kill him! im gnna kill him i swear it on my daddy grave!!!
me-plz dnt do anythng thts gnna make it worse!!!!
rock-okay sis but if he hit u lik tht again, im gnna kill him
me-lmao okay im gnna take a shwr
rock-okay lil sis *kisses my forehead* nite

the nxt Tag at school (lunch)
my pov
ive been avoiding randy 4 the whole Tag n i changed seats in science with mickie n i could tell randy...
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Nikki POV
so mindless behavior and me and my friend's went to the mall for a bit just relaxing
End of POV
Ray; finally we got out of that house how long haven't i been outside
Prince; strahl, ray strahl, ray Du go outside evry 10 mins
Ray; misfit
Prince; What?
Nikita; strahl, ray lets go over there to look at those cool shoes I have to have
Ray; anything 4 u
*princeton looking jealous*
so we wnet to the store and grabbed the shoes
Nikita; oh damn I left my wallet at home
Ray; don't worry I will pay 4 u
Nikita; awww u dont have 2 u no
Ray; no no It's ok
Nikita; r u sure
Ray: yes I am sure
Nikita; ok I will pay u back
Ray; no Nikki...
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posted by RayRaybabii2467
Brianna's POV
UGHHH i hate that boy it seems like no matter what i do my life will always be a living hell and its all thankx to randy who on the other hand is dead to me ughhh why did this have to happen to me. So while i was being upset someone rings the doorbell. So i walk downstairs to see who it is. Me:who is it? ???:it's keke. So i opened the door. Me:wassup. Then i sit on the couch. Keke:what happened back there? Me: i dont wanna talk about it. Keke:come on Du have to talk to your bestfriend. Me:KEKE I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! Keke:well i was just trien to help. Me: i know im sorry...
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posted by rayrayrox
Du and strahl, ray had been bestfriends since Du were about 9 years old. Du guys always did everything together and he always made sure that Du and him kept in contact when he went on tours. Being Friends with someone for 9 years is such a long time and its kind of hard for Du not to catch feelings for that person. Well, thats exactly what Du did. Even though Du were scared to tell him, you’ve always liked strahl, ray from Tag one but Du figured that Du were’nt “his type”. It was a couple days after they finished the #1 Girl Tour and Du and strahl, ray were at your house alone catching up on some...
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