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Would Du watch a TV Zeigen about teenage girls who were half of a quaduplet set one being really smart and shy and the other being really crazy and open and both really good singers?

The Zeigen would be a comady/drama with a little bit of romance. Du would hear from the other quaduplet half which are boys and thw quaduplets were adupted after they're real parents got arresed and when they're adoupted dad left they moved in with they're adoupted mom's bff, husband and teo kids. They Bewegen all over the country and are quite rich. if Du like it could Du give name idea??! please tell if i should change anything! questions? comments? conncered?
 TOTALIzzyluver posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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i-love-percy said:
umm no sorry why???
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
and is this based off Du and your family??
i-love-percy posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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