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Does infatuation blind people to a person's faults?

Is that what "love' does basically? Is it always the same scenario were someone thinks their boy/girlfriend is the nicest, sweetest person in the whole world until after they break up the constantly complain about how horrible that person was oder even deny ever dating?
Is that how it always is with people who think they are in love?
 MasterOfFear posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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r-pattz said:
It depends on the person and the scenario.

I think with petty crushes, people tend to be blind to the other person's faults. That comes in part from wanting to believe the best, but also from being ignorant of many faults. So in that case, yes, infatuation blinds. I think the only other cases where "love" would blind would be where it wasn't really love, if there was some sort of creepy obsession oder something. Lol.

But "true love" is loving someone in spite of, oder because of, their faults. Personally, I've never been in love, but with the couple of people I've dated, I was never so naive as to believe they were the greatest people in the world. I knew they had flaws, and that was alright with me. People aren't perfect.

I had a friend like that, though, who acted like your description. She'd always sweet talk about her guy, but when they broke up he was suddenly such a horrible person, so she said. But some digging there proved that didn't actually feel that way, she was trying to act above her emotions. So maybe when people act like that, they're just trying to fool themselves.

So crushes can make naive people blind, and people may act certain ways after breakups, but "real love" doesn't blind.

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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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