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If a woman who was pregnant was standing right in front of you, and told Du she was considering abortion, what would Du say?

Something happened a little earlier that made me want to ask Du all this question.

My response would be something like this;
I am Pro-Life, with the exceptions of severe medical problems and (MAYBE) rape.

But I wouldn't bombard her reasons why she can't have an abortion, and most definitely not bluntly call it "killing the baby". I would just offer my opinions on abortion, and let her make the decision. Whether oder not she has the abortion oder not is up to the expectant mother.

What would Du guys say?
 sapherequeen posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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orangeturnip said:
its up to her
its not my place to judge and i personaly i dont understand the big deal peaple make of this abortion thing i mean for other peaple , not for the mum oder dad either way that could be a hard choice if its unplanned.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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